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Our Harnesses




Hi Aunties

We had to go and get me a harness.  It is red and special, and the nice Harness Lady spent ages getting it to fit me so I look extra special and lovely.  I chose RED.  Cato wanted boring brown.  But the Harness Lady didn't have any brown.  Haha!  So he has PURPLE instead.  I like the PURPLE too.  I could wear red one day and purple the next, couldn't I?  Cos the Purple would look much better on me than it does on Cato.

We have to have harnesses now on account of Cato being a wimp and me getting shouted out every time I go near him.  S'not fair!  I never get to bounce any more.

Mum says you can see nice piccses of me in my harness next time.  But she is very busy learning us how to wear our harnesses and stuff, so no time for pics.

I look fab in mine.



We had to go for ages in the car.  I fell asleep.  And then we were there, and the nice Harness Lady sat on the floor with us and fiddled and stroked and tweaked and took it on and off and on and off and changed bits and stuff.  It was a bit boring, and it makes snappy clippy noises that I don't like.  But she had nice treats.  Little tiny dried fish.  And some gluten fee biscuits.  And there were different water bowls.  I liked the low one. And we came away with some Venison food and and some Duck food too.  So that was OK.  Tara wants my purple harness.  She can have it if she likes.  I don't really like harnesses.  They are very complicated, even when there is a Mrs Harness Lady to make sure they are a perfick fit.

The lead clips to the middle of my back.  Which is OK.  But when I am pulling to sniff at something it gets a bit wonky over my shoulders.  I don't like that.  

And when we are walking and I am scouting in front, the lead gets in the way of my tail.  I keep looking round at it, cos I don't like it.

Mum says that my Purple harness and my orange pendant are striking.  But we can go back to having Mum on my nice brown leather lead if she likes.  I wouldn't mind!


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Ack! Cato, do you mean when the lead touches your tail? I HATE that. So much that it makes me freeze in my tracks and give my mom the sad puppy look until she makes it not touch me. Leads should not touch tails. Ever.


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Yes!!! I am so glad you understand!  It is horrible, isn't it?  My tail is particularly beautiful, and it waves lovely when I walk.  It shouldn't have a lead anywhere near it, being all irritating and uncomfortable and ticklish!

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