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Being out ALONE




Because Cato is so wimpy now, I have to walk all by myself.

I mean, Mum or Dad come too, sometimes, but it isn't the same as walking in a proper pack, with Cato.  He is good at finding sniffy stuff and showing it to me.  And he widdles which is proper Pack stuff.  When I go out with just Dad he wants to walk too fast.  And when I go out with just Mum, she says I have to behave.  And there are lots of big dogs around who wouldn't mess with our proper Pack and Cato, but they might mess with me when I am by myself.

Walking alone isn't much fun!

These are some piccses of when I went out alone.  Mum came with me.  I am wearing my new red harness.  But I don't have any red piggies yet.  Piggies grow very slowly, don't they, Aunties?


We went to Waggy Tails, cos Mum was feeling guilty about making me go out ALONE, and she thought that scrambled egg might cheer me up.  It did a bit.  But I would have been more cheered up if there had been MORE egg, and if I could have sat on Mum's lap.  Or been with Cato.


I had a pink towel bed cos Cato wouldn't have sat on it, would he?  On account of him being a boy.


This is the wall pic thing.


And this is Mum's sniffy tea.  


It was nice to come home and sleep properly with Cato.  



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That dog restaurant is tooooo cool for school!

First Tara - I love your red harness.  Red is YOUR color!

Second - as I say to most females who get their hair cut short "it makes you look younger!" 

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Cato has decided to buck up a bit now.  So he came with me for a walk yesterday.

It woz much better.  Big dogs aren't as scary when Cato is there.  And he widdles and makes Pack scents.  Which is better too.

I even managed to Bounce on him a bit when Mum was doing pic stuff!  Haha!  Although then he went all wimpy again and had to be carried for a bit.  He is very wonky, isn't he?  He would feel much better if he just let me Bounce on him PROPERLY!

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LOL - Tara is like one of those untrained people (usually large ones) who gleefully grabs you from behind and says "Here!  Let me crack your back!"  Chiropractor at Large.

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That is a very nice place to visit, we don't have anything like that here! I'm glad Cato got out for a bit of a walk, I know how much you miss him when he's not with you. Love is there with you and Cato snuggled together...   ?

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