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AuntieCrystalPipsMom! We missed you!!!






AuntieCrystal!  Mum says you are back! And I wanted to say how much I lo -



No!  Me first!!! Me First!!! I missed you lotsandlotsandlots more than Cato did! So I go fir -



No you didn't!  And you made my back hurt!  So I get to tell AuntieCrystal about my l back pain and my harness horror and my special trip to see MrsPawChiro.  That is more important than you going first and wittering about your hair bows or something!



Ooooh!  That is horribubble Cato!  Wot about my OPERATION where I got cut open and now I am all scarred and bald, and my hair bows and piggies are All Gone for AgesandAgesandAges!  It should be ME FIRST!  Anyway I love AuntieCrystal more than you!



No you don't!  I love her more than you do!  On account of me being older.  So of course I love her more!



OK, that is enough from both of you!  AuntieCrystal can come and visit your blogging whenever she likes.  She can look back and read all about your back pain and your operations and your treats and adventures whenever she likes!  And you cannot compete for how much you love someone!  That is just silly.  We ALL love Crystal, and we ALL love that she is back with us.  (Although I doubt if ANYONE loves her as much as Pip and Abby do!)



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Awwwwwww I really loved this post. 

Just shows how much we all love you Crystal. 

Cato and Tara, you’re adorable. I love you both ??

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This video may not be Cato and Tara, but you can imagine the same situation happening here when they read your post AuntieCrystal



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