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We're still here!



Hi, friends!

Haven't been active in recent months in the forum and I've missed the forum. I'm sure so much has happened with everyone's lives. I didn't notice until recently that I haven't been receiving updates from the forum in my email so I'd have to check that out later and catch up on everyone's posts.

Anyway, hope our Chatter family is doing well - two-legged and four-legged ones alike. As for us, we have had some deaths (like four) in my and my husband's family recently and are now getting out of the fog, so to speak, getting used to the new normal. The most that affected us was the loss of my MIL since we lived together. Monkey has been our angel through this, giving us something to focus on, to break the ice and the awkwardness. He cheers us up with is normalness. It would have been harder without him here. We are very grateful for his presence in our lives.

There was something interesting that happened during my MIL's passing that I wanted to share and maybe you guys could share your thoughts on this as well. As per our customs, before we bury our dead, we hold a wake for a few days which allows other relatives and friends to pay their respects. Well, my MIL's wake was held in our house (it can also be sometimes held in a funeral chapel) as per her wishes. I've read stories about dogs being aware of their human's passing and wondered if there were really some truth to it. Monkey wasnt particularly close to her when she was alive so I have no idea  how he would react. 

I usually stay up from 1am till morning, Monkey was always leashed to either my husband or I because there were people all over the place and he's not good with strangers. One of those nights, I let him off leash and observed him as he walked up to the coffin and sniffed around. He didn't mind the flower arrangements and went sniffing around the coffin. It's diffrent from his usual curiousity because normally, something unfamiliar, he's sort of cautious, slinking closer until he deternines it's harmless... then he'll most likely pee on it (to show dominance? ha ha) He didn't do any of that. I let him sniff all he wanted, going around the underside of the coffin. Standing on his hind legs, he could only sniff the bottom half though. After that , even if I let him off leash again, he never showed the same interest as he did that one time. he never approached it again. It could just be reading too much into this but I'd like to think that he's said his goodbyes and that he's aware of her not being with us anymore. 

Anyway, I apologize if this creeps you out. Honestly, I'm not too good with these things. It's just that, I guess it's different if it's family.




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So good to hear from you Minabey and so very sorry to hear of the losses you’ve been through, you’re in our thoughts and prayers. 

Love the picture of Monkey, he’s such a cutie and i’m So glad to hear you let him off lead that night, I truly believe all that’s said about animals and their senses both in life and death and yes it sounds to me like he said his goodbyes and understands what happened. It’s so good he was with you during this time, they’re so good at reading our emotions and helping us to heal aren’t they? Thank you so much for sharing that with us. ❤️

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Good to hear from you! Although I am very sorry to hear you have had so many tragic losses. :(  Take care of yourselves.  It takes a long time for life to start to feel ‘real’ again.  Hug.

I think that animals have a very practical but also deeply instinctive way of dealing with family (pack) death. When Sidney the Cat died, suddenly, a couple of years ago, it was totally unexpected.  Cato and Tara had always hero worshipped him (and quite right too!) so I felt they deserved to say goodbye.

I put him in a shallow box in the middle of the living room floor and we had our own wake all that afternoon.

I sat and watched when Cato and Tara rushed up excitedly to greet him, stopped abruptly, crouched and respectfully approached.  Then they sniffed him all over and settled down nearby.

Over the next few hours they approached him several times and sniffed again.  Each time shorter and less curious. Tara lost interest first, then Cato, who just lay quietly for some time, then got up and walked away.

Neither of them even glanced at him again, so I removed and wrapped the corpse, comfortable that they had said their goodbyes.

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Hi my lovely. 

Sorry to hear about your MIL. 

I do believe that our paws like to say their goodbyes. 

When Donte passed in October, we brought him home, in his bed and laid him on the living room floor so Lacey could say her goodbyes. She went up to him, had a sniff, and went and stood behind my hubby, she went back to sniff and once again went and stood by my hubby. She never went up to him again. 

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