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Introducing Jasmine, flower child extraordinaire




Hello Aunties! We have missed you! We have been off having adventures and stuff, and not writing about them. But Mum says that now we can do blogging again.

I am glad about that.

It has been a bit boring without you.

I sleep a lot when I am bored. I am on Mum's lap.  It is the only place I can sleep safely nowadays?  Everywhere else, Jasmine might get me.

And - most importantly, my tail is still gorgeous.

Then next importantly, the weather has been veryveryvery hot, and we haven't been walking very much. Which is sad.

And then least importantly, Jasmine has come to live with us. Jasmine started very small, and was very fast and wriggly and boingy. Then she grew a bit. And a bit more. And now she is bigger than Tara! Not as heffalumpy as Tara (yet). But bigger. Mum says she will tell you all about it.

This is just after scrambled eggs in our favourite cafe


Hello Aunties!

Welcome back to my blog!

I know you want to hear all about wot I have been doing, but I have forgotten lots of it. Mum says she might be able to find some pics if you want. But now is sooooo much more fun, isn't it Aunties? Except for the Jasmine stuff.

Puppies are awful, aren't they? Except for me. I was never awful like Jasmine is.

Mum is going to tell you all about how stressful and boingy and wriggly she is. And how she always wants to play. And how she can run faster than me! That isn't right, is it? No paw can run faster than me! S'not fair!

I had to live on the back of the chair! For ages and ages and ages before it woz safe for me to come down.(Mum: you lasted a week up there, Tara. Dad and I were very impressed)  Puppies are terrible!



Right. Jasmine.

It was all a bit of a fortuitous accident really.

There we were, very happy in our quiet life with gentlemanly Cato and nearly-grown-up Tara. Nice and steady. Cato 6 years old, Tara coming up for 5 years old, when we decided to try a new cafe. The waitress was admiring Cato and Tara (as they often do), when she happened to say

'My sister's dog has just had puppies. Would you like one?'

and one thing led to another...

Sorry about the quality of some of these pics, but they are phone shots.

These are Jasmine's parents

Dad is the pug, and mum is half pug and half Chinese Crested.

It was a litter of 7, all colours, all looking very Puggish.

This was Day 2 and her first encounter with a dried lamb's tail. She thought she had died and gone to heaven.
The blue cloth was her security blanket that smelled of her mum and her littermates.  She slept with it for the first few nights (until she pooed on it and it had to be washed)


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