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Holder Posey Finale!

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Other than a Shih tzu, what type of pets fo you have?  

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  1. 1. Other than a Shih tzu, what type of pets fo you have?

    • A fish
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This was yet another awesome experience that I will never forget. I loved every part of it and would recommend community theater to anyone who ever thought of possibly getting involved in theater to try it. We are definitely a party group, I didn't get to bed till 6am yet again from Saturday's party, despite saying I wasn't going to stay out too late, to be followed by an "after the fact" party this coming Saturday. I'm getting a little tired :D but I'll be there. I received a CD of photos and have taken several, uploading them into a folder if you're interested.

Here's the cast:

More images are here: http://holderposey.sunlitesplace.com/

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Well my DVD of this play finally came and............ it doesn't play :( . I've contacted them and they're going to rush me a new copy so it'll be a few more days I guess till I can finally watch the play. Have to remember that for me, it'll be the first time I'll actually see what the audience saw. Don't know if that's good or bad, lol! oh well :P

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