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Another Life Update For Those Who Want To Know, Lol...

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Other than a Shih tzu, what type of pets fo you have?  

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  1. 1. Other than a Shih tzu, what type of pets fo you have?

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Well I guess I should update as it's been a while.

Even though the Melodrama is finished, parties are still happening, we are a party group :( . I have a Cast party BBQ to attend Sunday late afternoon so the parties still continue.

The rehearsals for the new play won't start till mid-July so that's still a little bit away. My trip to NYC to see my brothers has been put on hold as one is so busy, he won't even be around. He ended up signing a 6 week contract which will pay him quite well so I can't interfere with that. He said I should still come down but the main point of the trip was to spend time with them. Unfortunately by the time he's free, I won't be. :(

I've had a few graduation parties to go to and an awards dinner last weekend which was lots of fun, a birthday party tomorrow at a friends, and last night had my last Lions meeting till September where I had been given the title and award of Lion of the Year. I am very honored. :(

Tomorrow before my party, I have to go to an audition, yes another but I hesitate to say what it's for. Don't want to jinx it so :D

I'll update again soon after I find out about the audition results, I promise :(

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