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Life Update Cont'd

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Well I went for the audition and found out the other night I didn't get the part. I am quite okay with it, really. I would have had a great time doing the role as it was a bank robbery/mystery comedy (yeah I know) which took place on an actual moving train. I would have had to leave on Tues evening, car pool for a 4 hour ride, stay overnight and perform 3 shows on Wed, come home and do this 2 weeks in a row. Where I would have loved the job it required rehearsing at the directors home. She is a very heavy smoker and it's also a 45 min ride for me each way. My allergies have been awful this summer and just at audition after 20 mins, I really couldn't breathe and tasted and smelled smoke until I got home and showered. I am as equally glad I didn't get it as I would to have it.

In addition, I decided that I am going to go to NYC on July 20th. to see my brothers. Means I'll have to miss time at work after just getting back as well as a rehearsal or 2. So be it, I really need to do this.

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