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SATURDAY 27th Feb: Visiting and town park




They were very annoying last night.  They shut my window earlier than I wanted, and they put a donut bed on the big bed.  Mum says that it is so I dirty the donut not her sheets.  How insulting is that?  As if I wasn't spotless.  Anyway, they put the donut between their pillows.  So it is in an acceptable position.  But I still wandered about and stood on Dad's sensitive bits in the middle of the night.  Well, I have to, don't I?

They also came to bed later than I wanted.  You would think that after being away for so long they would want to come upstairs and be with me.  I had to stand at the top of the stairs and call them, otherwise they might have been up all night. 

We finally got settled.  The Brat and the Runt were eventually put into their mutt-pen, and we could settle down.  And then I could REALLY purr.



Today we went to see Dad's parents, Pop and Nana.  They are great.  Dad phones before we set off, and when we arrive, the door is unlocked.  We have to wait for Tara to remember to sit, and then Dad silently opens the door, and we go CHARGING in, down the hall, through the door and skittering into the front room in a tight racing turn.  I usually get there first, cos Tara is too wide on the corner, and I slip past on the inside.  Then we bounce and bounce.  Pop is great.  He wrestles and doesn't mind if we chew his fingers, and he knows how to ear rub.  He has known lots of dogs.  Although he always thinks Tara is a boy, which is very funny.  But she doesn't mind.

Nana always has some chew sticks ready for us.  I have to Meercat, but Tara is too rough and always pushes in and snatches.  I have to eat mine faster than I would like, or she would steal it!  She is very greedy.

Nana has a teddy bear on a small chair beside the TV.  I always sniff it to say hello.  This was the first time Tara hasn't barked at it.

Pop and Nana are great.  They have a Jack Russell called Rolly, who is very fat and a bit dim.  He nearly went for me when I was very very little.  We get on OK now in the park, but he doesn't like us being in his front room.  So he is shut in the back room when we visit.



Bad day for pics today.  Very dull, grey and overcast (but quite warm).

So here are some from yesterday when we stopped to walk the dogs before the journey home, in the Hebden Bridge park.

Dad took them up onto the skate park, which was hilarious.  Little Miss Mountain Goat made a bee-line for the highest point.  Of course!



I LOVE this one!  Look at those dirty feet. :roflmao:


These, stunning hellebores are from today's walk - the photo and the light REALLY fail to do them justice.  Can't have any in my own garden, because they are poisonous to dogs. :( 




After treats and games and bouncing at Pop and Nana's we went to the town park.  You haven't seen it before.  We like it.  And now I am grown up, I am allowed to run about off lead.  When I was little, I wasn't.  Not fair.  It was because there is a lake, and Mum thought I would run into the water after to birds, or run up to the ducks and geese and get pecked.  I mean, Duh!  As if I was ever that stupid!!!

Mum kept looking at these flowers, but wouldn't let me run through them.  Wot is the point of flowers if you can't bounce on them?



Dad wanted a Chai at the cafe, but it was closed. 


I got into trouble once last summer, running in through the cafe door after Dad.  He said he was VERY VERY VERY embarrassed.  All I did was follow him, and run about under the tables, and eat crumbs, and sniff things, and say hello to people, and when Dad tried to get me, we played a great game of hide and seek around the tables.  Everyone had great fun, but then Dad was cross.  Don't know why.  That was when I was littler.


This is the bowling green.  I am not allowed onto the green.  I got through the fence once last summer, and ran about.  Everyone had fun.  Except Mum, who was a bit cross.  But now I am bigger I can't fit through the gap.  Anyway, there weren't any people to have fun with in there today.

This is one of my favourite parks, except that we don't come here often, and people seem to get cross for no reason.  And I'm not allowed to do anything fun.

We did play Ping Pong though.  That was good.




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I'm so glad you're keeping Mum and Dad in check, and making them come to bed at a respectable time. Anyone would think they were still on holiday...

I have to say Sidney, I think you're pretty lucky to have your bed between their pillows... But I'll tell you what did make me giggle, you standing on Dads sensitive bits.. Shhhh but don't tell Dad... Hehe 


does Pop and Nana move the china when you are expected round ? hehe, I'm only joking sweetie... 

You have a Rolly, and we have a Minnie.... Mean Minnie.. Her nickname is ninja Minnie, cos she growls and shows her teeth and holds one paw up ready to do her ninja moves on us.. She also gets locked in her room when we visit... But Lacey looks after me and gives her the evil eye... Donte..  


Our Nanna calls me a boy sometimes... I dont care what she calls me as long as the treats still keep coming... I love your climbing skills, I too like to climb..

My Daddy would of laughed If I had of run in the cafe and played hide and seek... Now my Mommy is a different story... Who do you think taught me how to give the evil eye? Yes, my Mom.. I would of been in big trouble too... Lacey 

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Is Mean Minnie bigger than you?

Rolly is a HUGE Jack Russell.  He isn't nasty, he is just... well, Mum says he isn't socialised.  And he barks at everything.  It took 3 walks together before he stopped barking at me.  And Mum isn't really sure she trusts him.  It is Nana who insists he is kept away from us, though.  We would like to make friends.

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Sidney sweetie I too am utterly astonished that mom and dad stayed up so late and didn't want to come right to bed seeing as how long they were away from you. And then, on their first night back no less, actually put a donut bed down and think you might not be clean...:o

Cato it sure sounds like your visit was Great well except for Rolly! ;) 

Tara what gorgeous flowers, so glad you didn't tromp on them so we could see them!! And I can't imagine anyone getting mad at you sweetie, running around in the cafe!! :roflmao:

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Shorty says he has the same kind of Dad......one who is never embarrassed (when he should be) and laughs at stuff like that.  Mom.........oh my Mom.......she is a mean, mean Mom and expects me to behave.  She was the same way with her children (and Dad was Dad who never made them be respectable in the store).  One  time my Mom even cried when her precious Boxer jumped on a jogger and he went ballistic.  My Mom apologized, my Dad just walked on and Mom cried the rest of the walk.

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8 hours ago, Crinkly said:


Is Mean Minnie bigger than you?

Rolly is a HUGE Jack Russell.  He isn't nasty, he is just... well, Mum says he isn't socialised.  And he barks at everything.  It took 3 walks together before he stopped barking at me.  And Mum isn't really sure she trusts him.  It is Nana who insists he is kept away from us, though.  We would like to make friends.

No she's smaller , she a chihuahua... We have been around each other in the garden but she temperamental. Sometimes she even bites our Nanna, her Mommy.. And the vet has put her on Prozac.... Cos she has bitten Nanna a few times..

She gets frighten when we both walk up to her, because all we want to do is play, and she goes into ninja mode... Mommy calls her Mean Minnie and said she hasn't been socialised enough... And she thinks she's the top dog and Mommy said she needs putting in her place... 

Mom... I don't trust her, she's needs some serious training and I'm not even sure that would sort her out now... I mean can you believe it, she even bites my aunt... Sometimes straight out the blue... One day Minnie came over to my aunts chair and my aunt put out her hand out to stroke her and she bite her!! 

Becuse she's been on Prozac for 6 months, the vet has lowered the dose (Minnie has lost weight too) and she is getting all nasty again and has bitten her a few times last week. 

You can't go anywhere near her when she's in bed, she'd have your hand off.. That's why I don't trust her with mine... 

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Mean Minnie sounds AWFUL.

Rolly just does horrible stinking poo and barks at every other dog.  And he can never be let off the lead because he doesn't know his own name and has never heard of a recall. :( (cheap food and fig roll biscuits) :(

pop and nana wanted a Westie but thought Westies were too expensive and went for a cheap jack Russell out of the paper.  But he has always been too much for them.

pop isn't as mobile as he used to be, and I think one day Rolly may have to come and live with us.  It would be a terrible terrible transition for us all  - but better than putting him through rescue.  Can a dim 9 year old learn to change?  Can he even learn his own name?

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She is awful... But what can you do with a dog like that?? I would love to take mine around hers and not have to worry. 

Rolly doesn't sound nowhere near as terrible as Mean Minnie. I have no idea if a 9 year old could change. Could you not take him out for play dates to see if that would work. Is he the same around your house? 

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We have taken him for walks, but Dad hates it, so they petered out.  Rolly has an extending lead. He pulls against it all the time so Dad has to brace.  He barks continuously at any dogs he sees.  He also snatches treats.

Makes it horrible for whoever is on the top end of lead.  No idea how Pop controls him.

Oh, and he rips toys to shreds in about 90 secs.  So our two would lose all their toys within 24 hours. :(

when I had the lead I had to tap him with my leg to remind him I was there. And keep him on a really short lead just to stop him jerking. And step between him and any other dog in sight.  No idea how Pop manages.

i know what he needs: 3 walks a day.  5 + miles a day.  Raw food diet.  No biscuits.  Firm discipline/rule establishment around pushing through doors and jumping up scrabbling.  And a massive program of gentle socialisation.  But it is a heck of a thing to take on!  Especially when I don't know how much he is capable of learning.

feeling a bit down about it, actually.  Pop won't be able to cope for much longer, I think.  So there is that concern too...

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Minnie is a Rolly polly.. She was this round thing on legs at one time. I do believe the right foods can help, just like with a child eating too much sugary foods makes them hyper... Buts that's only part of it. And I still have a lot to learn myself about caring for dogs.  My Aunt can not enforce rules , so she's her own worse enemy really. 

Theres no way I would take on my aunts dog and she's like a mum to me (my aunt) I just wouldn't do it.. 

But Rolly isn't as bad as my aunts, but It's still a very difficult position to be in Jo. Sidney will sort him out, I'm sure ?

ETA. It's also holidays you have to consider. Like myself, you take yours with you. Will you be able to do that with Rolly? I'm sure you've already thought of this though. So excuse me for suggesting the obvious  :teary:

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Oh yes, have been thinking about it a fair bit - in bursts, over the last couple of years, as we have seen Pop gently deteriorate.

- and don't worry - ALL suggestions welcome!

I have got as far as thinking that he will have the big crate (4x2 feet), but not sure whether it would be in the front room with C and T or in the kitchen.

He currently lives mainly in Pop and Nana's middle room (it is known as Rolly's room) he eats and sleeps there, and is used to a lot of time by himself, even though they are retired.  He would eat in the crate, while C&T eat with us (same time we sit down) so there would be no tension there.  Think he would need to sleep upstairs with us, or he wouldn't really join the pack.  That would be another crate.  And a big transition for him!

Sidney lives upstairs away from the canine rabble, and Rolly wouldn't be able to get over the doggy gate at the bottom of the stairs.

It is mainly how he would behave with my two terrors (cough) who are both much less emotionally robust than a JR.  Constant supervision.  I think Marlene's (it was you @Marlene, wasn't it?) suggestion of tying him to me ALL DAY would be good.  So long as C&T didn't feel they were being shunted out of central position...

And I suppose the extra exercise would do me good.

My two have only ever had one walk a day.  So he would get 2 solo (one long, one short, both on the pavement, under strict control), and one pack walk (in park on extended lead).

Ah well, we will deal with it when it comes.  Pop may be fine for another couple of years, or he could deteriorate quickly.  His memory isn't great now, and the dog walk routine is currently helpful to him.  We may have a while yet!

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Oh wow reading through both of yours sure brings back memories, none good.. Of my MILs chihuahua, the meanest dog I've had to live with (my MIL lived with us) but Wow he wasn't as mean as mean Minnie! How awful she sounds. One thing I did think about when reading she was on Prozac though. When our last Shepard got doggy dementia they put her on Prozac thinking that would help and she got mean. She was the sweetest gentlest dog I have every had. I told the vet how she reacted and she changed her to Xanax and it made a world of difference, she was her sweet self once again. May be worth asking the vet to try another med?

i'm so sorry to hear about your Pops health Jo and Rolly does sound like a Real handful. We had some friends with two Jack Russell's man were they high strung! Those two could chase a ball nonstop for hours on end, our arms would give out before they even took a breath! They needed a Ton of exercise and they were still hyper dogs, drove me crazy to be around them, they made me hyper!

i pray neither of you ever have to take in the pups. When my MIL had to go into a full care facility we had to take her chihuahua. We were both still working then so we tried to cage train him (she never would) and that dog ate through 3 cages in one week-- plastic And metal cages (bent the wires to get out)! When he got loose he would then tear up the house and chew up everything in sight. He constantly harassed and bit our Shepard, would go after her ankles endlessly. It was a horrible time and yes in the end we had to rehome him. :( But the good new was it was a lovely family, the mom stayed home and they had 3 young daughters who adored the dog and he was the only dog! So it did work out well in the end for him and us, thankfully!

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Sophie's Haven


There is a saying that you can't teach an old dog new tricks....... not true.  Rolly sounds like a handful. I think one week of lone time with you Jo you can have him see the light. Jack Russell's are full of energy.......so walks and walks and more walks to tire him out and lots of structure and limitations can make him a better paw..........as I call it here HOUSE RULES......have to be followed by everyone.  Years ago my grandfather in-law had a Rat Terrier and Tippy got away with EVERYTHING....when grandpa passed Tippy had to move to Uncle in-laws and within a week in learned the HOUSE RULES......and I believe Tippy was around 8 at the time. So it can be done. 

Love reading the story of running thru the café........too funny. I could just see my 7 doing the same thing....hearing their name would be the last thing on there mind........have fun now and get talked to later.......

Sidney this is for you........be glad this dog was not in charge of decisions at your house.........




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10 hours ago, Crinkly said:


 but better than putting him through rescue.  Can a dim 9 year old learn to change?  Can he even learn his own name?

I imagine you are talking about surrendering him to a shelter if that time should come.  But please don't discount a reliable breed rescue.  They will KNOW how to work with a JRT, what he needs.....training, exercise, proper food and strong leadership.  It's very possible he would be taken better care of in a JRT loving home than in yours.   No offense intended.....we all have certain breeds that speak to us and "wouldn't have anything else".  He may just be the smartest little JRT out there and at 9 he's got many more years to enjoy a life that better suits him.

One of my best internet friends has had nothing but Boxers all her life (she's in her 60's).  Her Mother wanted a small dog and liked Schnauzers so she got Mom a Schnauzer puppy.  The Mother was in her late 80's, going downhill rapidly and spent more time at daughter's home than Mom's.  Mom passed and now the barking, mouthy, high energy Schnauzer (under 5) is living with my friend.......making everyone in the family from people to dogs to cats to neighbors miserable.  A Boxer is a handful, but it is her chosen breed and comes second nature to her.  She does not like small dogs and this Schnauzer is the epitome of an ankle biter.

We live in a retirement community - one needs to be 62 to move here.  I can't believe how many families of seniors give their loved ones a dog to keep them active.  No one should ever "gift" a person, young or old with a dog not chosen by the one who will have to be the caretaker.  It's just like bringing an infant into your home.

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In the UK we often refer to them as Rescue Centres.  I think Shelter is usually a US term.  

If the time comes, we will discuss Rolly's future with Pop and Nana, and their wishes will be respected.  However, i am 100% certain that they will prefer him to go to family members than to a rescue.  Having said that, Rolly's needs will come first - from our point of view, at least.  Not sure that Pop and Nana have ever had the slightest clue what Rolly's needs have ever been.

i'm reasonably confident that i can work with Rolly - as long as i don't have Pop and Nana interfering!  And i suppose a part of me would relish the challenge. ;) I'm a bossy cow at times. :roflmao:

Probably the real decider would/will be the way the relationship works between Rolly, Tara and Cato - but we will only know that when they live together...

we will just have to wait and see. :)

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We may do, but i have never heard of organisations that specialise in particular breeds.  I would have to search, if the time comes.

generally, i think there are local rescue centres, which often connect with others nationally to swap/move/transport dogs as needed.

never having had dogs before C&T, i'm not familiar with the process.

are there any other UKers who know the answer?

These are the best known organisations, but I've never had anything to do with them other than making donations.





it isn't something I will investigate until I need to... So hopefully never! (or unless we want to adopt)

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