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Hi there!



Hello! This is a first for me, so please bear with me. Welcome, please take a seat.

As the blog name suggests, this blog would be about Monkey and maybe a bit of other stuff. I'm not sure I would be able to post regularly as we are a boring family.

Let me start off with a bit of a history!

Monkey was born in August 2013. Here he is at a month old.


He still sleeps that way. LOL. He was the biggest of the bunch. The black & white pup was sickly and didn't survive.

Here he is at 3 months old with his sibs on a vet visit. He's on the right, still the fluffiest.


The photos above were taken from the family friend who gave him to us. Her sister, in the middle, is their favorite. They mostly kept their litters and give away puppies to very selected people. Monkey was the only one they gave out. He came to us at almost four months with full vaccinations (overly-vaccinated, in fact) and a book about the breed, which was helpful for starters.

2nd day at home, still looking sad and lost. 


Getting comfy.


Napping after bath with his "twin".


Finally, I'll end with one of my favorite photos of him.


That's it! 




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What a difference between him and his siblings!  Astonishing. :)  He is so handsome, isn't he?

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Aww I'm so glad Monkey has a blog! Yay!! :clap:

Wow what amazing pics and how nice you have them throughout Monkey's puppyhood! I agree Monkey is the cutest one!! And how wonderful you guys got him, so special especially since they usually keep all the pups! And we're extra lucky cuz we get to enjoy seeing him, I can't get enough pics of Monkey, I just Love seeing him!! :cheezy:

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Sophie's Haven


     :coffee:  Yeah another blog to read with my morning coffee. :clap: Love all the pictures of Monkey and what a big difference between him and his siblings. Like he was from a complete other litter.  He is handsome for sure.  Nothing can be boring in life when you have a Shih Tzu that is the center of your world or in my house runs the show......so hope to get lots of reading from your Blog............

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Yay, Another blog... Really lovely to see you here. 

Awwwww the pictures of Monkey are gorgeous.

and that last photo of Monkey is awesome ? 

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Yay Monkey :clap:

So happy your blogging and see your baby's pictures. You've always stolen my heart with your cutey face❤️ Love it!

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