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Summer has come for us... (photodump)



...which means, the dreaded grooming. With weather like this, we have to get it done. Sorry for the vertical photos :whitney:


So early last Tuesday, we set out for the groomers. To remind you what he looks like before, here it is.


I'm not sure how grooming should be done. Here at our favorite groomers, Monkey got a rough clipping to remove most of the length before he goes for shampoo. I've instructed the groomer not to clean his ears and not to trim his tail.


The next part was his least favorite part, the drying. The dyer was LOUD and he was moving around so much. I feel sorry for him. I could see the assistant holding his ear down at least when he was pointing the nozzle close to his face. No pictures but he had a noose around his neck. One time, they didn't put it on him and the groomer's assistant reached for a brush and Monkey was able to jump and run to me. 

Next up, more clipping and scissoring.


A huge Golden Retriever was brought up to grooming table getting ready to go next. He is the owner's dog, so the groomers know him very well. I requested a summer cut body for Monkey and a longer cut for his face. While Mr. Groomer was doing that, his assistant was brushing this big guy and I asked if he was friendly and if I could approach him. He's a lovely dude (dog, not the assistant). I got to brush him, too. Then a bit later, he was already pawing me to get more chest scritches. I lufff him already! I've always wanted a Golden, but man, are they huge. So that would mean, bigger feedings and bigger *excuse me* poops and probably buckets of pee. :lol_2: Maybe someday.

This part of the grooming was the longest. It took 45 minutes of him doing just that. I can't imagine doing this myself and get a good result. 

Without further ado, here is the before and after. Meet my bobble head!


Sorry for the mismatched sizes. 

I'm still getting used to his face, four days after. I felt he was a strange dog that followed me home. I'm not sad to see his top knot go. It was difficult to maintain and he keeps scratching at it that sometimes, his skin gets pink (even though it's loose enough). He feels better after his cut. He looks really scrawny though. For a moment, I felt I was starving him or not feeding him enough. My husband reminded me that he weighs 6kg (13.2 pounds), so he's not "thin". I also have to remind myself that his ribs aren't poking through. 

There's my bobble head dog. Thank you for reading and have a laugh on us. It's okay, we stare at him and laugh and he gives us that look. So, go ahead. :lol_2: 





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Oh wow Monkey you look soooo little! Didn't realize how much hair you really had there! And your eyes look sooo big and as always so sweet!! :)  How cool is that your mom can watch while you get groomed! I would Love that! Sure enjoyed all your pictures and think you'll be much cooler in that hot weather! You're still a super cutie in my book! ;) :throb:

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Wow! That's hot!  That is about as hot as we get in August!  Our two only get evening walks in the summer because the heat up from the pavement and the sand and in the car starts to melt them. :)

i would love to watch the groomer too.   But our lady works in a shed at the bottom of her garden, and I have to drop the shaggy monsters off and pick the perfumed preciousness up 3 hrs later. :)

Monkey, you look very VERY handsome in both photos, and it must be wonderful having natural air conditioning :):):) 


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Hair cut day is like seeing whole new paw :dede:  I didn't reconize you without all your hair, but never mind we know and still love you Monkey. Enjoy the cooler you


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Sophie's Haven


No laughing here......I think he looks adorable with his summer cut.......such beautiful eyes too.  I am sure he has more bounce to his step...........I know when my guys get trimmed down they seem to prance like they feel so good with less hair.

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