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Monkey: What grinds my gears.



Hi, Monkey here. You know what grinds my gears? When you're having the most wonderful dream like almost have the evil cat's tail in your mouth and then something grabs your tail and the cat has once again escaped your clutches. You try to break free but you can't. You look back at your tail and a huge butt has pinned it down. You wake up and realize it's not a dream and your lovely tail has indeed gotten caught under someone's butt *cough* mom *cough* again and you can't move away so lie there giving her the stink eye. She realizes what she's done to your tail and acknowledges your stink eye by taking a photo. :crazyeyes:


I wanted to sleep some more but she wouldn't stop kissing me. 

Finally, I stood up and moved over to dad's pillow. He's dead to the world. He makes a nice pillow. I'm going to lie here and hope my dream continues. By the way, that's the bathroom door behind me. Ugh, still taking photos. 


So sleeeeepy....







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Cato agrees.  The kissing gets a bit too much, doesn't it.  Actually, more than a bit.  A lot too much.

Cato's Mum:  yes, and we would all appreciate it if Tara gave the kissieslurpies a rest too.

Glad to see you are feeling well enough to chase cats and climb on human pillows!

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Oooh poor Monkey getting sat on and then pictures too bless your heart! So glad you escaped and got to go back to sleep! I do love your pictures though, so I'm real glad mom took them, you're such a cutie! :throb:

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It serves him right, being pinned down. I keep moving away from him to have some space between us because it's too darn hot, but he has to be right next to me. So I keep moving until I have my husband cornered against the wall and Monkey occupies 50% of the bed. :lol_2:

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Gord darn it!!! You had that cats tail in your grasp as well.. 

Hehe, I laughed when you said you gave Mummy the stink eye and she took a picture.. 

Your Daddy sleeps like Donte and Laceys Daddy.. Not much wakes him up either.. Lol 

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Funniest picture of a stink eye...:roflmao:

Poor Monkey..sorry I had to laugh at your situation...especially since you were dreaming so deeply hehehe

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