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Hello there! I've been meaning to post about a trip we had recently with family. There were kids and adults and dogs and food. It was my nephew's first birthday and my aunt had rented a private place with a pool. Of course I had to take Monkey for a dip. He still doesn't like the water, but like a good soldier, he will swim to me no problem. I didn't let him stay long as he was clearly uncomfortable and although the water was warm due to the sun, the hair being plastered on his skin made him shiver after a while so we had to dry him off and try to keep him off the floor because there were puddles galore.


Cousins. We rinse their footsies before taking them in the water because there became dirty with the floor constantly wet.



Just keep swimming... Shay (female, black & white) did better than Shelley. Outright, Shelley was shivering even before he touched the water. 


Monkey didn't even get his head wet. 

I, therefore, conclude, they are not water dogs. 



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LOL.  Shorty likes the deep puddles - I call them puddle lagoons, left at a very low tide.

He came to us in June.  In July we traveled to our cottage on the coast of Oregon.  He loved his walks on the beach, wading in the puddle lagoons, so many smells, so many things to widdle on.

One day he decided to chase a seagull who was on the beach.......the experienced gull flew out over the water and Shorty chased.  Before he knew it he was dog-paddling.  I was watching and a bit worried - just after I decided I should wade out and get his short little self - he headed to the beach.  He did a GREAT job and I know if he fell in water he'd be safe (for a short while) but he's never done it again.  He sticks with the puddle lagoons.

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I totally agree that they are not water dogs.

However, all the evidence I have seen points to them being mud dogs, given half a chance.

- and the moral of THAT story is don't give them the chance!!! :roflmao:

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Aw Monkey what a sweetie, Love how you swim, good job! :clap:looks like you had a Great vacation with Shay and Shelly, love the pics!

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