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Health Issues, One month after



Hello, hello.

We went for Monkey's follow-up blood test today and his results were good. Very good. His liver results (ALT) has gone down a lot, like 500 points. We still have around 155 points to lose to be within the normal levels so we're very pleased about this. We will need to continue with the hepatic food and silmarin supplements. His vet also allowed us to resume his heartworm preventative which he'd gone off since March. Yay! We're having a lot of mosquitoes now since it's raining almost every afternoon.

I don't know if I should be happy that the vet's office staff know Monkey by sight and by name because that also means we go there a lot. LOL. 

Anyway, we're happy with the news although we do not know what caused the elevated levels.  Before he got the tick infection, he has never had a blood test prior so we had no idea if the liver issue started way before this or it was caused by the infection (but the vet said it wasn't common). If we would be going by his poops and pee, they were consistently normal since he is on kibble. He's only had 2 diarrhea in his life. He's never a lot of health issues, just ear mites when he was younger. We're really at a loss. The only possibilities left are that it was caused by toxins or by his dog food.

My husband and I are mulling over mixing his hepatic food with his regular dog food and see if that will affect the results. If it does, then we'll see what our options are. But for now, we can relax a bit. See you next month! 


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What great news for You and Monkey! So happy his levels are down and praying they continue to improve :clap:

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Wonderful news Monkey, so glad those levels are going down, pray they're back to normal soon! 

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Good news, Monkey.

And  Gold Star 1st Class on managing to confuse Mum, Dad AND the Vets.  Keep it up!  We like to keep them guessing. :roflmao:

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