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I must have three dogs now



I had a visitor this evening..even though we had no guests.

Often wondering about the pups seeing fairys we call them.....

Now let  me tell you what I saw. While preparing to cook I washed a few dishes in the sink and out of the corner of my eye I saw Pip at the bottom of the stairs then took off running upstairs.....I recon he was following Abby up and got the nerve up to try it.......Now, we know Pip don't do stairs, he's terrified of them and won't go up or down on them. So with great excitement I grabbed the iPad to take a picture of him at the top and was going to make a big deal of it and celebrate his achievement. I called up .....Pip come show mommie what you've done and aimed the iPad up for quick picture.

But instead of peeking his head around the corner at the landing.......he came running in from the back door....He had been outside the whole time. I stood there dumbfounded. I told hubby I knew we had visitors and Fairey but now I know we got ghost. I told him what I saw and of course he called me crazy :noway:

But I saw it, swear I saw what I saw. So suppose the fairys have moved in and brought their Shih Tzu with them. One good thing, at least I don't have to bath and groom a third dog  :roflmao:



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Has your third pup been back?

i used to know a dog who would watch invisible people move around and walk up the stairs.  No fear, just casual interest.  He was a jack russel, and belonged to the landlady of a friend of mine.  They used to joke the place was haunted - for all I know, it could have been.  It was over 200 yrs old.

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We've researched and traced it back to at least 122 years old..could be older. Certainly strange things go on here but all friendly.....at least they are good ghosts. I haven't seen puppy anymore but the fairys still come and go. :dunno: according to Abby.

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