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Jewel's of January



We went out for a  walk in the sun this morning full of crisp air and the paws were such hyena's we didn't stay long before we turned back to the sanitary of a warm home instead.

Feeling slightly guilty for a short walk...  I did let them play outside and found these jewels right in my own back yard....Temps have been up and down and the vegetation is in turmoil is it spring or is it winter defying that it's only January and cold weather is here to stay.

The ruby red globes were on a type of honey suckle that hubby planted a few years ago....It did bloom a few pink blossoms this summer for the first time but nothing spectacular....green shoots sprouting on it and the freshia. Jasmine and another unknown green bush is sprouting new growth also....Such a weird and wonderful sight on a cold winters day...made me smile 



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Sophie's Haven


Love seeing berries on plants in the winter. We have been having such weird weather that when I look out at my gardens I still have green plants hanging on. Plus I have one bed of daffodils popping thru.......very warm here the last two days and today very cold and snow in the forecast for the weekend for the south. Fingers crossed we only get flurries if anything at all...............

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