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8-20-17 Spa Day




We had a Spa Day too Aunties ( seems a lot of that madness going around with my cousins too)....but it wasn't so bad as our shorter hair means mommie gets through a lot fast...then its treat time and a sleep. Mommie went crazy and clipped off all of Abby's top knot as it was all broken in front from her rubbing it constantly then kept falling into her eyes and she looked like she was crying all the time...She never did like her top knot this time around so guess she will be happy and not cry so much

This is us afterwards smelling all Panteney and think we will take a nap now, spa day is hard work ya know :hysterical:




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You both look lovely!  And i bet you smell lovely too.  All soft and snuggly and cuddly.

Cato and Tara have recovered from their Spa Day on Friday, and have now gone on 2 walks, so the crisp squeaky clean look is fading a bit (to their relief) and they are looking 'proper' again, rather than 'straight from salon'. :roflmao:

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I expect all it's going to take is one rainy day and these two will be back to the proper look too  :roflmao:

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Awwww don't you two look adorable. Abby, Lacey has been scratching her topknot as she had an ear infection (think Daddy been feeding her too many carrots) I'm thinking of cutting hers off too. 

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