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Lil Missy & Molly

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Our Walks!!



Hi Aunties, Missy here! I member Auntie Jo asked awhile back bout our walks and what they were like at our new house, so we wanted to show you! We been beggin and beggin mommy to take some pics and show you! Sooo she’s taken some and well there from different days, you’ll see some were Real cold!

anyway I get to start!! Here’s one of the spots I like to go, you’ll see why!

Thered some logs and i get to climb!



I got Molly to go back here and she Liked it Too!! Mommy says once it’s cold long enough we can go waaay back in the woods! I can’t wait!:clap:



Ok, well we haven’t got to go to the cemetery yet soo, i’m Off and Molly can tell you her part!:throb:


Hey Aunties, Molly here and I got the Best part an mommy had a Big surprise for me today!!

first, here’s the way I like to go! You can kinda see way down by the curve to the left is one of the fields I like!


I Finally got Missy to go this way!! An see she found it Real sniffy too! Here’s our first field!


It was Real sunny that day, but here’s part of the field for you to see!


But here’s the Best part! Mommy keeps promising I can go all the way to the end and she let me Today!! Come see!


Look at the new field me an Missy found!!


An looksee- mommy says this is the area they’re gonna be expanding and putting in a Great Big Park! Ooooh I hope it’s soon cuz I can just walk on down there Any time! Hope you enjoyed seein our walks!:bear:Molly





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Oh your new walking places are soooooo pretty and Big too to go exploring. all those sniffy leaves...... bet those logs have some good sniffy critters hiding in them too. Glad mommie got unpacked finally so you both could get out for the big snows come brrrr

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Those fields and leaves and logs and paths look sooooo fantastic!  And sniffy!

do you go there in the car? Or do you walk straight there from home?

looks like you had a great time :clap:

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Thanks Aunties we have some Great walks here and yup we just walk from our home! Mommy takes us someplace everyday even though she’s Still got a big mess in the house and boxes Filling the garage... she just says ‘let’s go girls we Gotta take a break’!:ohyeah: Ooh and Sammy (the squirrel) runs and plays on those logs, soooo sniffy!!:D

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What a fabulous area you now live sweeties :throb::throb:

We feel like we went on that wonderful walk with you both and your Mom.

It's hard to believe Christmas is the next Holiday :) 

Blowing you both KISSES!

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