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Lil Missy & Molly

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Our Pics!




Mommy’s sooo far behind she hasn’t shared our pics with you! We went to have Real pictures taken right before we moved, mommy wanted to be sure we got our yearly picture done with a Real photographer even though we was real busy movin an all! But it took her Forever to get them scanned in to share with you... sorry .... but here they are, hope you like them!

Missy- I have a Poodle dress on! But we didn’t have our regular picture man so you can’t see the poodle part!  :throb:


Molly- this is mommys Favorite, she says it shows my personality!! She also says you may see it Again!  I ain’t supposed to tell ya that so be surprised if you do! ;) :bear:



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Thank you Auntie Angel!  :throb: Auntie, Molly here, I never wore dress before, I thought it might look kinda silly~ i’m really a tomboy at heart!:bear:

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:Santa_Wave::blush:  ALL OF THEM SHOW PERSONALITY :cloud9::cloud9:  MM you must of been like this :jump:


First pix they ??are so proud :):) How cute is that?

Second pix looks like Missy is singing ? a Christmas Carol and Molly is really concentrating taking it all in since its her first Christmas...

Did Molly sing going home in her car seat? :wub:

Much Joy is sent to you across the miles from our home to yours this Christmas.

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Hmm I didn’t think bout Missy singing Auntie BB, maybe That’s what she was doin?!! I don’t sing yet but I Do dance!  :bear: We wish you and Carrera and his daddy the Very Best Christmas!!:newyear:

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Ooh thank you Auntie Sheila! :throb::bear:

hey i didn't tell you guys but I got the Best Christmas present Aunties, mommy cut my topknot off, I hated it!!:bear:Molly 

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