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Christmas Baking



Aunties, we been baking sooo much today! Mommy made our gingerbread so we can have our party now Carrera!


daddy called them trees! All I knows they’s Good tasting trees! We gotta go get started on fudge now, we just finished some brownies for daddy! We’s tryin to be quiet cuz daddy’s sleepin, he don’t feel very good so we’re trying to make his favorites... he fell bad night before last, we been tryin to take care of him and we think chocolate will make him feel good! We hope so anyway! :D bye for now! :throb:Missy & :bear:Molly


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Sweeties hope your Daddy is feeling better.

:carrot:Yippee a party with my most favorite Tzu girls :baby::baby:  

Wow :cloud9: I see my name mentioned here :blush:  

I am so honored to come to your gingerbread ? cookie Christmas party ??

The cookies l?k fabulous!  

I am on my way over :dog:

I really appreciate the invite :throb: 

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Oooh sooo glad you could come Carrera, we had Fun didn’t we?!! And thanks for askin bout Daddy you know how he stayed in bed the last 2 days, we’ll hes gonna try to stay up with us today! Yippee!!:throb::bear:

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We sure did have a blast :carrot:.... And the three of us ♥️?♥️ had all those delicious cookies for ourselves - didn't we :) 

It was a quiet party but oh so very special party with great hospitality from your Mom.

I hope Daddy stayed up and is feeling perfect again..... give him our best this holiday season.

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We Did have fun and thank you for playing quietly with us Carrera! Daddy’s much better Thank You, so we can play Noisy next time!! :dog::throb::bear:

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