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Scrambled egg!




We took Mum and Dad out for breakfast!  To our paw place that does proper food for us.


look!  This is our scrambled eggses.

Mum kept our bowls up on the table for AGES while she took pics cos she said our eggses were too hot hot hot.  It was awful having to wait.

Mum squished them about in the bowl to make the cool down faster cos she said my whining was embarrassing.  Haha!  I was HUNGRY!!!

we got a WHOLE egg each!  Yum!!!

we want to go there again today too!

Cato says that eggses is better than boring fish and rice or the bonescuits they do.  Or even cheese.  But I like the Pupcakes best!


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Mmmmmm the scrambled eggs looks delightful. I bet they tasted even better. I’m so pleased Mummy took a picture. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. 

When are you next going for breakfast? 

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:(  we won't go back there for AGESANDAGESANDAGES cos of Mum and Dad having work stuff that gets in the way.  :(

Today we are going to a steak place.  It is a pub.  They have tables where me and Tara can sit under, and we get some steak.  Only trouble is, last time we had LOTSANDLOTSANDLOTS of steak, cos it was a giantsteak and Dad gave us the bit he couldn't eat.  It was Yum.  But Tara got a funny tum after.  I didn't.  Tara is always saying that I am wimpy and can't have gluten, but now it is her fault that we are only allowed 1 teeny little bit of steak, instead of half a giant.

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Ooh boy those eggs look Great! But so does that tea, what kind is it, I want some!! Ya know Cato you should ask them to put cheese on your eggs or even add steak, wouldn’t that be yummy??! Mmmm i’m Gettin hungry may have to have some myself! ? thanks so much for sharing your breakfast But where oh where are the pics of You?!! We need Cato and Tara pics!! ?

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Ewww!  Mum’s tea is horrible stinky!  That one is Crannyberry n Raspberry.  And it is all red and fruity.  Sometimes she has Echinachey n Raspberry.  Mum says i spelled that wonky so shes going to do a linky thing.  I think they are horribubble, but then Mums and Dads eat really weird stuff, don’t they? Not like proper eggses and steakses.

Cato says he is gonna ask for cheesy eggses next time!  I want a pupcake though!


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