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    It’s been one whole week since I’ve been at my forever home. Lacey Lou has laid down her ground rules and put me in my place a few times. Mummy was getting a bit worried she was being too rough with me but Lacey knew what she was doing because now I respect her space and leave her alone whilst she is sleeping. Shhhhh don’t tell her , but she can be a bit grumpy at times. Esme Grace has been lovely. She likes to play with me and I like to play lots with her. I run around after her and hang off her tail. She has to run away and jump on the sofa to stop me. No wonder Lacey laid down her ground rules because I know I can’t do that with her. We have all played together, but Lacey likes to play when she wants to, and I like to play all the time. Mummy is trying to get me to sleep in my puppy pen in the day, ready for when she goes back to work. Hmmmmm I’m not so happy about that, I can tell you. I cry like a big baby when I wake up and I realise she had put me in there. But Mums getting a bit clever for me. Because she’s let me sleep in it with the door open and I don’t mind that. I think she’s playing tricks on me. Aunties, i will let you know how sleeping in the puppy pen goes! Mummy did buy me a new bed , but it’s a little bit big and I’m not sure about it, so I’ve borrowed Esmes small bed. It has pink on it and I feel all snuggly in it because it feels like someone is holding me when I’m asleep in it. Oh and I like the big washy things that mum puts the dirty clothes in and they come out all wet and smelling clean. I like to stand and watch it going round and round.
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