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    Haha - beware establishing a routine for a dog (though they thrive on it) they will make you stick to it! We are retired and I get up at 8. - Shorty G usually is up a few minutes before me but if I ignore him he will settle back down and sleep some more. But Sophie, the Boxer is immediately up and wanting breakfast and will not leave me alone. After I've fed them they don't care if I sleep until dinner time but of course once I'm up - I'm up :-/
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    They are alarm clocks!!! I get 5:50 for work M-F and she will get me up between 5 and that time. I haven’t slept in since getting her lol. But I guess we get more bonding time
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    Glad the diffuser worked..........hopefully it will continue. Like I said before I pretty much thought it was going to be a waste of money but I was so wrong. We moved into a new house and before we moved we were getting up at 6 am every morning and so the paws got use to getting up early......once we moved and got settled in somewhat the hubby kept saying that we created monsters as they were like alarm clocks.......6 am every morning............... I plugged in the diffuser with lavender oil and now the time has change to 7 am and if we are lucky sometimes we make it to 7:30.
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    I don’t want to count my chickens before they’ve all hatched, but last night we used the air diffuser with some lavender and little baby Meeshu slept all night. I’m in Jersey, so we had crazy winds from the weekend storm. Not a peep. She was passed out let’s see if it keeps up and thank you all for the help!!
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    First of all, forgive me for not commenting on here for quite a time but as I have said my world is upside down. I do however, check the Forum frequently, as I have a small amount of time very early since I try to get up and have this free time to myself (usually around 4 AM). It is very brief and so I read posts but dont comment, again I apologize because you guys are important to me. As an update, my husband is doing well at the moment. He had a six week round of radiation (very hard on him) along with a daily chemo pill. Because the radiation was so hard on him, no side effects could be seen from the chemo pill (as in no vomiting or nausea in general as is usual with chemo). the Radiation weakened him to where he had difficulty standing and could only walk with a walker. That treatment ended right before Christmas and by now he is feeling a little stronger altho still on a walker. He will now start on a treatment course of the chemo pill for 5 days and then 23 days with nothing indefinitely or until MRI shows any change. This Glioblastoma is not curable so we just have to monitor those MRI's every 3 months and hope for the best. Every individual reacts differently to this disease. I am very grateful for every good day we have. Now, my reason for this post, Sassy Mae is giving me trouble with her potty habits. I totally understand that her world has turned upside down too since her Daddy is the center of her universe. He spends alot of time in his recliner with her snuggled with him. As long as we are both home, she is very regular/usual. But when we are both gone to the doctor OR since he has been feeling better he likes to sit outside when he can. I cant let them out because we have some strange little plant with tiny stickers growing in clumps in our yard the last few years. Gets in their hair and feet. Only our backyard is fine for pottying. Anyway, when we are gone or outside, she will go pee on a rug. Even if she just recently peed outside. We have hardwood/ceramic tile floors but lots of rugs, some small enough to fit washing machine but some are room size. So far, she is peeing on the washable ones but I fear I may miss a spot on the room sized ones and my house begin to smell. I dont have an abundance of time to clean. She has always been such an easy dog to have, potty training was basically non-existant, she just "was" from the time we got her at 3 months old. Never had an accident! I mean never! Willie was very difficult to train, it took me 9 months but it has always seemed that when he got it, he got it. Never an accident with him either. And so far, he still has not. I am not a believer that dogs do things things out of spite but Sassy Mae is a thinker, Willie is more of an "at the moment" dog. But it sure seems as if she is peeing on the rugs because she doesnt like that fact that dad is not home. Which leads to my question, what about pee pads? I have never been a fan, but does it work to use those when we are out of the house and then I take them out to potty when I am in the house? Or is that confusing?
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    We live in a ranch so she’s basically just in another room. But every noise her head pops up and she looks lol. She’s silly. She is very happy! She’s been good this past week (although she did wake up 30 mins early today) lol. What she needs is to go to the groomer! What a stinky squishy face! Also, if anyone wants to follow her on insta it’s MeeshutheShihtzu !
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    Sheila - I have not heard of using human pads, I thought the pads were supposed to have a smell to attract the dog to pee there? Paws - you’re right, nothing wrong with trying. I can at least put some out when we leave (or are outside) and hope for the best. And then outside pottying as usual when we are home. Jeannine - what lovely comforting words. But I especially was touched by “you still have a lot of time to make good memories”. That made me stop and think, and is very true. Thank you all!
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    I am so sorry to hear about your husband, yall will definitely be in my prayers.as far as the pee pads , we use them .ours are human grade that are washable.we love them and can't imagine using anything else. It sounds like to me Sassy Mae is picking up on "daddy's sick and not feeling well" and this is her way to express her confusion. I think it will pass. Prayers
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    She’s been wearing the donut, but she’s been skiddish with noise for the last couple of months. Thank tou for the picture compliments. Your story was nice too! Luckily, she’s slept the last 2 nights (calm and no wind). Let’s go for 3 tonight lol and she gets donut off Thursday
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    Am so glad to hear things are going well for your husband Sandra and am praying they continue to go well. Afraid I am no help on if the potty pads will work inside as we only have them on the covered deck and only Missy will use them. It hasn’t confused her, she still mostly goes outside, these are really for when the weather is bad she has a covered place to go. But I will say we tried a lot of different ones and found the Great Choice ones at PetSmart worked the best for us and I can get them delivered. https://www.petsmart.com/dog/training-and-behavior/potty-training/grreat-choice-dog-pads-45024.html keeping you all in our prayers. Hugs
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    Maybe Meeshu heard a weird noise or so that got her scared these last couple of months, when she was alone downstairs in her crate. She wouldn`t be the first, and you not knowing how this happened as well. How is Meeshu doing, bet she is real pleased that donut comes of today
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    I don't think it will confuse her. i think it's worth a try.
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    One thing with these little guys is they have a mind of their own and when their normal routine has changed they tend to act out. My Sophie before we moved into our new house would never let me know when she had to go out and it was a daily battle with her to catch her at the right time........she also is a Daddy's girl and would seem to do her potty in the house when he was not at home for the day.......now that we have moved Daddy is only working 2 days a week and Sophie will let him know when it is time to make the trip outside. I was nervous about laying area rugs because I just knew she would be using them as she will not use a potty pad....... so far she managed to soil the rug once and of course Daddy was not home and she did not come to let me know she had to go out...........the rest of the paws will use the pads but not her. I keep a potty pad in one of the bathrooms just in case and it can go 2 to 3 days before someone has to use it. They don't like any type of change in their lives........it took Bailey almost 2 weeks to adjust to the new house.......everyday he wanted to go back to what was his home. Just going back and forth in moving as soon as I pulled into the driveway of the old house he would get so excited to get out of the car so he could run up on the porch........Thankfully now he has adjusted to the new house but it was a battle for those 2 weeks. Hope things continue to go well with your husband........and Sandra we can only take one day at a time and I know your going thru a lot of stress but make the best of the time you have. You still have a lot of time to make good memories. Your in our thoughts and prayers. Hugs........and love taps for Sassey Mae and Willy Boy
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    I too love the convenience but especially love how quick they are, our order went in on Monday and got here today!! That’s pretty normal too, ours usually comes really quick, it’s Great!!
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    Oh goodness - has she had a "donut" through this time? We can only be on "her side" for a few days" after that happens. The only ones who hate those neck collars/donuts worse than the pups are their Dad and Mom. I love the pic of her black and white fluffy self laying on your hairy leg.....in shorts. Many years ago I sent a picture to my brother living in NJ of us (in California) mowing the lawn on a sunny day. He retaliated w/a pic of him in his recliner eating popcorn, watching a FB game while it was snowing outside. - touche!