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Found 42 results

  1. Sunlite

    3 days and counting.....

    Well here it is 12:30 AM and since I can't sleep, just got home a short bit ago, thought I'd write a quick update. The play is coming together nicely. I do have my lines down but still get a little confused if I'm tired, such as tonight. I know I'll have it down by Friday for sure, Can't believe that in 71 hours, the first of 9 performances will be over. I'm really getting excited now which is great, I live on pure adrenaline when show time comes, which is probably why I crash so hard after it's done. Tomorrow I'm off and I volunteered to paint the set walls first thing in the AM. I have the keys to the place and it will be a little eerie being there all alone, in that empty room, spooky in a way. I can't wait for the first show! :D
  2. There have been so many changes to my life since I've last posted, some I'd prefer to keep personal but they include everything from health, to job, to relationship status, to residence, you name it..... Lets just say after a number of years being unhappy, I finally found the courage to make some changes in my life and although it scares me some, I am better off for it. Never let anyone tell you that you can't.... too easy to prove them wrong.
  3. I am having a hard time getting into the shopping/holiday spirit. Don't get me wrong but I just can't get into the gift buying/decorating, hustle and bustle of it all. I want to be with people and celebrate and have a good time but I just can't get into the material aspect of the holiday season. Am I the only one who feels this way? I just think that since I have no small kids to buy/celebrate with, doing all this shopping/getting into debt is totally worthless and unnecessary to buy gifts for those who will not even use/appreciate what they get. :D
  4. Sunlite

    Been a while.........

    I have been so super busy that I haven't even had much on line time. There are a few new challenges happening in my life right now that I can't currently share but hoping to be able to work through it soon enough. Some are easier to deal with than others....... With all that is taking place I'm finding it extremely hard to find the holiday spirit. I look forward to meeting with people and having fun but the actual shopping and decorating is not with me this year. I think I'm just tired of the holidays being so "material" and it doesn't appeal to me anymore. Maybe I'm just getting older, wiser, smarter? I am putting off any plays till at least late spring. I am going to be getting the house ready to sell after the holidays and will need to concentrate on that as well as my new position at work. I hope to update again soon.
  5. Sunlite

    Life Update, Aug 3rd

    Well the store officially reopened last week and as expected, we have been swamped with people. I really am glad to see the warm reception we're getting from the customers, especially the regulars. They're so happy when they see a familiar face cause we have so many new girls working. We have been closed for a little over two months and our customers have really missed us. The only awkward things are, since we are new, we don't have anything on sale except for our promotions and not all items came in the same shipment. We have some suiting jackets with nothing to wear them with, pants for other suits, no jackets and of all things, you'd think they would have shipped our basic black suiting! This past Monday, I had to go to Jury Duty. I am happy to officially report that after wasting a whole day sitting around, doing absolutely nothing, that Jury Duty still sucks! I really think that's why people hate it so much as all you do is sit around and wait. At least I'm done with it! The weather here this past week has been incredible, in the 90's and sunny! I wish I was home more to enjoy it but I did have plenty of off time, I am glad to be back in full swing at the store . The Community Festival is coming along nicely, that will be held on the 8th of Sept. I thought I'd be performing that evening in the play but that's a whole new blog entry. I am happy to say that my Lions Club will be doing visual screening at this event as well as my youth group providing face painting and temporary tattoos. Well that's it for this entry, on to updating on the play!
  6. Sunlite

    Camp Open Arms

    Well today was time to host Camp Open Arms . Our local Lions Club spends about $1000+, for the one day event providing a full day of food and activities. We had about 150 this year and went through 12 large pizzas, over 300 hot dogs, who knows how many cases of juice/bottled water, ice pops, etc. Only downside today was the temps which stood in the upper 60's with a very strong wind. I am so happy I had this way oversized sweater in my trunk or I would have been miserably cold. This is a very fun event and one we all look forward to every year! Pictures of today's event can be seen here if interested: http://sunlitesplace.com/camp
  7. Well I guess I should update as it's been a while. Even though the Melodrama is finished, parties are still happening, we are a party group . I have a Cast party BBQ to attend Sunday late afternoon so the parties still continue. The rehearsals for the new play won't start till mid-July so that's still a little bit away. My trip to NYC to see my brothers has been put on hold as one is so busy, he won't even be around. He ended up signing a 6 week contract which will pay him quite well so I can't interfere with that. He said I should still come down but the main point of the trip was to spend time with them. Unfortunately by the time he's free, I won't be. I've had a few graduation parties to go to and an awards dinner last weekend which was lots of fun, a birthday party tomorrow at a friends, and last night had my last Lions meeting till September where I had been given the title and award of Lion of the Year. I am very honored. Tomorrow before my party, I have to go to an audition, yes another but I hesitate to say what it's for. Don't want to jinx it so I'll update again soon after I find out about the audition results, I promise :(
  8. Sunlite

    I Did It!

    I got a part in the play!!!! I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself! I will be in the play "The Philadelphia Story" , it was made into a movie in 1940. You can read more about it : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0032904/ I will be playing the role of Liz Imbrie who is a photographer/reporter. Did I mention I'm excited yet! lol! :D
  9. Sunlite


    So I did go last night, not going to say very much though. We were told that we would hear within the next few days. They had me read for 2 different parts, and I was one of the last to leave, so I don't know, will have to wait and see I guess. :D
  10. Sunlite

    Planning On Visiting My Brothers

    Since it's been 2 years now since I've seen them and almost 6 years since I've been home, I'm planning a long overdue trip to NYC. It'll be fun, just me and my brothers, getting into trouble just like old times. I'm thinking of going within the next 2 weeks. I'll keep you updated. :D
  11. Sunlite

    Just An Ordinary Day.......

    or so it started out so. I went to work just like always and when I arrived, my manager arrived at the same time. We went to open the gate to go into the store (work at the mall) and this obnoxious odor started to come out. We looked at eachother and didn't know quite what to say. We weren't quite sure what it was, just that it was horrible, smelled like the sewer backed up and it was throughout the store. So we went to make the bank deposit stopping off at Eckards to pick up some air freshner and we went back to the store and sprayed the heck out of the place. It smelled better for about 10 mins, then it was worse. We tried to open for business as it's projected to be a busy day but after about an hour and half we couldn't take it anymore and both of us weren't feeling all that well. We decided we had to close at least temporarily after Mall Maintenance came by and said we needed to get our plumber in to look at the problem. So we sat outside the store waiting and calling the District Manager who couldn't understand why we wanted to close The plumber couldn't figure out why but apparently sewer gases were coming through the vent and he felt it might have to do with the space next door which is under construction. It was decided that we would stay closed at least for a few hours more so I came home. I just hope all the clothes don't pick up that odor as it's really nauseating.
  12. Sunlite

    Should I Be Flattered Or Creeped Out?

    Well I can't help but to keep thinking about what happened to me the other weekend, not sure how I should feel about this. I was working at the store and this guy comes in with his girlfriend/wife, not sure. He's about 30 give or take a couple and as his gf/wife is looking at items in the store he approaches me. He says is your name Susan? I answer yes, he continues Susan (insert my last name here)? He continues "You don't remember me do you, my name is Lance (insert his last name) I manage the cemetery. I say "oh, hi I'm sorry I didn't recognize you." Now I'm feeling a little unsure. See I have spoken to this man twice in my life. First when I bought a plot for my Mom in the Spring of 1999 and the second time to bury her ashes in the Fall. I have not spoken to this man since and he remembers both my first and last name? Think my conversations combined equalled 20 mins and how long ago? Then he continues, "By the way isn't that you who walks in the mornings on (insert street name here) ? I answer um, yes. He says I haven't seen you in a while and I remind him it's still icy out, (was till this week) I don't walk under those conditions. First, is it just me or what, I feel a little creeped out and second, I think I need a new walking route. :D
  13. Sunlite

    So A New Year Is About To Begin

    For staters: Happy New Year to All Who Read My Blog! :buddies: What can I say, this past year has been a real rollercoaster for me. I have been through a few bumps, received some bruises and had some great times, had new experiences and met some new people as well. Not all have been pleasant, some have been scary and others amazing experiences that I will never ever forget. I can't get into details, sorry but if you are a close friend of mine, you'll know what I'm talking about I look forward to 2007, can't wait to see what it'll bring but the end of 2006 has been pretty good to me. See you all next year, stay safe and have a happy one! :D
  14. Sunlite

    Christmas In Retail

    Well for those of you who know me, know that I work in a women's clothing store at the mall. I decided to go back into the world of retail this year after a 5 year hiatus and have enjoyed it quite a bit. This is my favorite time of year though, especially these last few days before Christmas. The majority of our customers are male buying gifts for their wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, whoever . Some are pretty well prepared and come in with a newspaper circular or magazine picture with an item picked out saying "I want something like this! " Other's haven't a clue and it can be quite amusing. The best is though the majority have no clue as to what size they need something in and they're pretty determined to buy an actual item vs a gift card. I personally love gift cards but they seem to all say, "no, I can't give her that, she'd kill me!" I have no clue why. I always try suggesting adding a piece of jewlery with it, you should be safe but most won't go for it. I have several who say "You pick it out for me as she doesn't like anything I pick out" those are the hardest . I picture all these women coming back to see who it was that picked it out, lol . Then we get to the best part, "what size do you need?" roflmao. I have decided the easiest thing was to say " Is she my size, bigger, smaller?" I have never had so many men looking at me before and I'm still embarrassed but, hey, what else can I do! I also try to convince them that if they're deciding between 2 sizes, go with the smaller, it'll cost them a whole lot less in the long run, lol. By the time Saturday and Sunday come, I'd say 80% of our customers will be men! Gotta love retail! :(
  15. Sunlite

    Pancake Breakfast

    Well I finally did it, pulled off the breakfast fundraiser for the volunteer ambulance. We had a great turnout from both our club and the ambulance volunteers although we were a little light on the amount of patrons. We still made money and had a very good time. They really enjoyed this event and had decided that if I agreed to lead this event again next year, they would provide me a co-chair from their organization to share the work load and equally divide the responsibilities. I'd love to do it again under those circumstances. My youth group came in shifts and provided face painting/temp tattoos for the kids, both young and young at heart as well. Two of the ambulance members made these jumbo, huge massive pancakes and decided to have a eat off contest between them, omg, I was just thankful the EMT people were there as I thought for sure someone was going to choke or get sick I am so happy this turned out so well as I had only 6 weeks to get everything planned out from start to finish. Next year I'll have more time to plan it better as this was only a thought to do in early Sept. Only down thing was I have an awful head cold, made sure I stood away from the food , no kitchen duty for me today, hehehe.
  16. Sunlite


    So I need to run a few errands before I head out to my youth group meeting and as I turn out of my tract onto a semi busy road, there's my mailman standing outside his truck holding a small dog and looking rather lost. I stop on the road and ask him if he's found a new friend for himself. He responds that he stopped to catch this little dog and it almost got hit by a passing car. I asked if he wanted me to take him and he was thrilled as we've known each other for several years. He knows how I am and that I'd find this little ones home. I see that he has a collar and tag with a name and phone number and see that this little 4lb baby is named Cocoa, a little yorkshire terrier. I call his home and get an answering machine where I proceeded to leave my cell phone number. I decide ok, I'll go home and get my soft carrier to drive around with Cocoa and see if I can find his house. I knew he didn't live in my tract so I decided he must be from the other side of that road. Cocoa didn't appreciate the carrier but I didn't know how well he'd be in the car so I felt this was the best thing to do for us both. I do secure my own furbabies in the car so I knew I needed to for this one as well. I drove around the neighborhood for awhile then decided I had at least get to the bank, which I did. I had also planned on going to pick up some reserved media I had on hold from the library and decided to head that way when I get a call from a very excited young lady, she was quite upset, and I told her I'd be there in a short bit. She was so excited to see Cocoa and can't figure out how this baby got out, told her having that tag was the best thing she could have had on him as it made the search a breeze . She thanked me while hugging and kissing Cocoa 1/2 laughing 1/2 in tears and I left. About 2 hours later I received a call from her mother who couldn't thank me enough. It made me feel good that she took the time to call and say thank you, said that she once lost a dog a few years ago and never found it. She said she's always feared that someone wouldn't return her baby if she ever got lost and needed to say thanks to me herself. I thought it was very sweet of her to call and told her I knew exactly how she felt as I'd be devastated if I ever lost one of mine. I'm just glad it all ended so well :(
  17. Sunlite

    Life Update 9/29/06

    Well to say I'm juggling too many things at this time may be an understatement, let's see where I'll begin My youth group meetings have started this month, what can I say but I love these kids. I never realized how much of an influence I am on them till a couple of weeks ago. A former student contacted me about being a reference for a job that he was applying for. I had worked with this young man for 4 years and he has always been terrific to say the least. To quote him: 10:04:54 PM him: Thank you very much! I'm [hopefully] getting my first job, so I'm a little nervous. 10:05:04 PM me: you'll be great! 10:05:17 PM me: don't be nervous, you are an awesome person 10:05:31 PM me: they'll be lucky to have you there 10:05:50 PM him: Hahaha, thank you. And thank you for helping whip me into shape in Leos. 10:06:02 PM me: lol, thank you 10:06:21 PM me: always loved having you in the club 10:06:58 PM him: I enjoyed being in it, it was my pleasure. I enjoy college, but sometimes miss the high school days. Made me feel good and realize that I can make a difference. I am starting my 6th year doing this and I couldn't imagine not being there. These kids mean so much to me and I love being there for them. We are in the process of planning several projects, including their assistance in the pancake breakfast. As for the breakfast, I finally got all my documents and have my confirmation of the booking of the school for the event. I am so looking forward to getting this underway. I am in the process of assisting in writing ads and press releases for this event. I have been in contact with the volunteer ambulance people and planning the event is starting to take shape. There's a lot to do but it will be done one way or another. I hope we raise a good dollar amount, only time will tell. I think the club is really looking forward to this; it's so needed to raise morale. The school districtis also trying to work with me on a date to present their proposal which comes up for vote on 11/14. I am trying so hard to please so many at times that sometimes I just get lost in what I'm doing and forget things for myself. Before I know it, I'll be in constant meetings for the tree lighting too. That comes up Dec 1 I am still scheduled to host a party for at least 50 at my home on the 21st of Oct, I have no clue where they'll fit but that’s not my problem . It should be fun but I do have to plan that. This is for the theater group, which apparently, I am on a couple of committees. Okay that’s news to me! I am so happy I am not in a play at this time but I really want to do another so very bad . I have decided to not take a sales lead position at the store at this time. It would be too much for me at this time and I don't think I want that right now. I have some personal things I'm dealing with now that need my attention and I'll just leave it at that. I do have some fun in my life too, tomorrow I'm going with a group of 20 on a wine tour on the east side of Seneca Lake. Should be a lot of fun. I'll write more about it when I can . That's it for now, Bye till next time :yeahrite:
  18. Well it's been awhile since I've updated and I'm kind of getting a little overwhelmed so this entry may kind of go all over the place so my apologies now . As you all know, I belong to a community service club which I have been an officer on the board now for several years. At our last board meeting a couple of weeks ago, the current President made a comment to me that I haven't been taking an active enough role as VP , this was not taken well by me, or the other board member there. My response was I do more for this club than any other member and if it had not been for me personally, 2/3 of the projects would have never been done. I then proceeded to walk out of the meeting. As VP, he was out of town last Thursday, I had to run the dinner meeting. I addressed the group and told them how I felt being a board member, that we are supposed to help direct the club but currently the board has been doing everything. The club as a whole is supposed to help choose, plan and execute a project. Instead what has been happening is they just show up for a bit to lend a hand during a project. I told them I wanted them to take a more active role and if they didn't help the board in increasing membership, I expect the club wouldn't survive more then another year or two. Needless to say some of the older members from the board were not impressed by my boldness of laying things on the line. I finally said what needed to be said for the last 2 years which no one else had the courage to. I had also ended the meeting about 45 mins earlier than any of the presidents have, covering just as much if not more. One of the things covered was the pancake breakfast, which they all want to do, I had asked who wanted to work it and they all volunteered. When I asked who would co-chair, no one spoke up until I said fine, we won't do it then as I refuse to take it on alone. I did get a volunteer from an older member who had not taken on a project in many a year. Seems I had lit a fire when I spoke and I'm honored to have him helping. His wife who is also a member will be chairing as well. So now we have to get this underway as it's supposed to take place on the 5th of Novemmber which is the Sunday before election day. Our club President was supposed to book the venue over a month ago but didn't. Well Saturday past was the fair in town. I worked the entire day and boy the weather was so strange. We had rain, sun, wind, heat and cold intervals. It was one of those days when litterally the weather changed every 5 mins it seemed. That was until about 3:00 when the cold front blew through with the constant winds blowing. I had such a chill that I couldn't get warm till the next day . The fair was on a much smaller scale then previous years and also I'm so happy that it was a one day event. My youth group was there, my community service group was and I was running around all over finding different people. At the fair I spoke to my 2 co-chairs and we've come to the decision that we were going to base the pancake breakfast on a red, white and blue theme calling it the "Red, White and Blue Pancake Breakfast" and the bennificary of the proceeds would be the local Volunteer Ambulance Company. Well I went over and found their President, who was thrilled to hear that we wanted to do this. They have agreed to help sell tickets, advertise with us and man the breakfast with cooks and servers. What better arrangement could we get! Well of course when I told most in the club, they all agreed that this was great. See our service club was responsible in raising the funds in getting their first actual ambulance many years ago so this just seems natural especially since they are in need of so many new things currently. Of course then you have those "members" who I ticked off the other night who are objecting. My response is if you don't like it, it's too bad as it's already in the works. You can accept it or take it over, your choice . Needless to say they just walked away. Now I have no choice but to make this a successful event. I have to get media involved, and I already spoke to several town board/council people in helping to make this event successful. Most of this will rely on my contacts and my reputation within the town. I have a lot of people who want to see me be successful and a few who are waiting for me to fail. It'll be interesting to see where this goes. Now today my first youth group meeting took place. I'm happy to say it was short and sweet and I look forward to working with them again this year . I also had my first meeting with the local community theater group board tonight. They are trying so hard to recruit me on the board but I don't want a board position. I told them I'd be happy to attend meetings, be on a committee, and help where I could but do not want a board position. I also ended on volunteering to host a party for 50 plus people next month, lol. How do I get myself into these things, hehehe. Well I think thats it for now, just a glance at my past week in my boring life , until next time.........
  19. Sunlite

    Just A General Update

    Well I haven't blogged in a bit so I will make this a quick update. I was almost hit by a pick up truck a week ago Friday by a guy in such a rush, he couldn't wait to back out of his spot I went grocery shopping and had just loaded my groceries into the car, started to put my cart back, and well this idiot starts to back up as I'm crossing. I realize he isn't even looking and continues to back out almost hitting me , I had to jump out of the way and leave the cart which he bumps as I start yelling. My cell phone is in a holster and attached by the clip to my purse so of course I caught it so it hit the ground and ended up almost under his tire and popping out of the holster. As he realized I wasn't behind him now he proceeded and I yelled at him to stop and wait! My phone, so I pick it up and he starts rolling and I smack the back of his truck and yell wait and then proceed to pick up my holster for the phone, I swear some people! Some other guy who just parked comes running over towards me asking if I'm ok and I say yeah except this bastard is trying to run me over. So the guy driving finally gets to back out, rolls down his window and starts saying he's sorry but he didn't see me. My response was I'm almost 5'7 wearing almost 3 inch heels and dressed in bright hot pink, if you didn't see me you have a problem buddy and shouldn't be driving! On a happier note: This past Friday was my Lion's Club day to sponser Camp Open Arms. This is a 2 week day camp put on by Cancer action for children with cancer and their siblings. They rely totally on donations and their is no cost to the families who come to this camp. Our club funds and puts on a whole day of activities for them. We had reserved one park for the event but had received almost 4 inches of rain Wednesday causing the park's lodge we reserved to be under about 2 ft of water . So everything had to be redirected to another park which was about a 25 min drive for me. The worst part was calling everyone and making sure they knew we've changed locations. Friday was a wonderful but long day, very hot but very dry so it was comfortable. I had to pick up pizzas for lunch (which meant driving back to my house practically as the place is just down the road from where I live) then going across town to the other side of the city to pick up more ice, (thanks Doug ) Everything worked out well and we served up 5 lbs of tossed salad, 250 hot dogs and 6 huge sheet pizzas. In addition we served juice, bottled water, ice pops and tons of bags of potato chips, these were hungry kids and we served a total of about 150 individuals. Would you believe it if I told you I was exhausted by the time we were done cleaning up, lol.
  20. Sunlite

    Let's Try A New Exercise Class

    Okay, I've been getting a little bored at the gym lately. Don't get me wrong as I love working out but now that it's summer I like to do some outdoor activites and our weather here hasn't been the most cooperative . So I go to the gym for my regular routine yesterday and as I walk by the aerobic room, I see all these exercise balls in a stand and I'm curious. I see one of the trainers and I ask what's up? She explained to me it's a new class that they just started to work on "your body's core". Okay, I'll try anything once and I find out it will be today early in the morning. I figure what the heck, I have one of these balls at home that a friend of mine gave me about 6 months ago. It's been sitting on top of a plant stand in my bathtub like a sculpture and occaisonally I'll remember to dust it . I thought about it and decided to take the class, maybe I'll finally know what to do with this big plastic ball for once! So I get to class and she tells us to choose a ball. If you're taller you'll want a larger one so you're not sitting too low when doing some of the exercises. Ok, whatever you say. So we start, some of the things were not so easy to do, balls were rolling all over the place. People were having a tough time trying to balance on it at first too. I did pretty good with the balancing part in that I didn't fall off, not so easy to do. Then she asked us to lay on mats on our backs and place the ball behind our knees catching it with our heels and do leg lifts, again balls were rolling all over the place and people were laughing. Then we had to do this one move where my pants started to stick to the ball and I almost lost them as we had to roll on the ball and they didn't want to come with me I found out later that some of my problems with my ball were due to it being overinflated which explains why I couldn't balance as well as I wanted to . All in all it was ok, I will need to try it again before I decide if I like it or not and I will make sure to wear better pants! I have a feeling my ball will continue collecting dust as a sculpture though !
  21. Sunlite

    A Random Act Of Kindness

    I just have to blog about this, as it has often been said that there isn't enough of kindness and people don't take the time out to help or recognize one another. I went to dinner tonight to the local Chinese restaurant I have been going to for years and behind me was a Mother with her 7, yes I said 7, adopted disabled children. The children ranged in disablilities and ages from 5-14 and everything from being blind to emotional disorders. This family does come in regularly and usually Dad is with them too but tonight he wasn't able to be there for whatever reason. As usual they had their dinner and although you knew there were children there, they were really well behaved and certainly you would never know there were 7. The woman who works there had filled me in as to what was about to unfold which is why I'm able to share this tonight At the next table there was another Mom with a little girl and as they ate their dinner and you could see that she was impressed watching the table with all the children. When she was done with her meal she went over to the other Mom and told her I want you to know that there should be more people in this world like you, you are a wonderful person and have a beautiful family . She then proceeded to leave to pay her check and told them she wanted to pay for the other family's dinner too , and she did. She told them not to say anything to her till she was done with her meal but she just was so in awe with them she needed to do something. When they were done with the meal Vicki was wrapping up the remainder of their food to take home, she shared that the check had been taken care of already. I thought the woman was going to cry as she couldn't believe that a total stranger would do that for her. It's nice to know that there are people out there like this, I thought this was so heartfelt that I needed to share it. Thanks for letting me :yeahrite:
  22. Sunlite

    Okay, Were You Thinking?

    I have been involved with this community service club for 5 years now, and I have been Secretary twice, 2nd VP for 1 year, and have been elected for my second term as 1st VP so I know my way around this organization to say the least . They have wanted me to be President for a couple of years now but I won't take the position, I have my reasons . Well the guy who is President will be doing it for his second term this year and it's not starting out any better than last year. I guess some people do not learn from past errors no matter how you try to intervene. One of the biggest complaints from membership this past year was that "we have not participated in enough activities" . We have on July 14th, Camp Open Arms coming up. This is a 2 week day camp operated by Cancer Action, for children with cancer and their siblings. They seek sponsers and our club sponsers an entire day of actiivities. We hire a DJ, Ball Crawl, Blow up Slide, Clown, Face Painters, etc and provide food as well. Our President forgot to inform members last year when the event was and didn't plan on most of the activities and things till the week of the event even though he was well informed of the July date in January, . Needless to say as he called me in a panic attack to save his ass, I did my fair share of hustling as well, not appreciated one bit by me! There are normally over 100 kids and 30 something teenage counselors that we provide and serve food to so we need several volunteers to cook, serve, clean up, etc. Well tonight was the final meeting for the season, we won't have a membership meeting till Sept and as I was saying good bye to some of the members, they commented "see you in September", I say aren't you coming to Camp Open Arms? They had no idea when it was, grrr. A repeat of last year I see. I had been so busy with the play for a bit but had reminded Doug multiple times about this event that I thought it stuck but WRONG!!!! So tonight I smacked him multiple times as I asked did you do this? No? SMACK, why not! (It was in a playful way) This was repeated multiple times and the other members quite enjoyed it ! I did too , got quite a bit of frustration out, lol. I made him change the board meeting to next Thursday, told him he better or get his Secy to get a note out to all members about the Camp ASAP as I will smack him twice as hard if he doesn't . He didn't see why I was so upset till I explained to him that you can't keep a club active with members unless you prove there is a need for them. Men, they just don't get it sometimes!
  23. Sunlite

    Can't Help But To Feel Sad...........

    I love trees, flowers, gardens, etc. My neighborhood is fairly new but established, most houses are 15 yrs old or younger and there aren't very many trees around as it had been a farm previously. My next door neighbor just cut down their one and only established tree. I just watched from my desk here 3 men take down, and destroy in 10 mins what took nature at least 40 years to grow, I can now see my neighbor's (kitty corner from me) yard which had been totally blocked previously and it's not very attractive. I am very sad by this, almost like a death as I really love trees.
  24. Now before you think I've lost my mind this is what I refer to as our summer snow. Every year at the beginning of summer the Cottonwood or Poplar Trees (known as both here) bloom and go into seed. If you have never experienced this, you're lucky, as it makes an awful mess all over the place. These trees have long white fuzzy blooms that disect into little fuzzies and blow all over the place. They are particularly annoying if you're trying to do things outside like stain a deck, paint your house or even just trying to be outside as they blow into your face, especially eyes, nose and mouth . This will go on for a couple of weeks but on a breezy day, it really does look like it's snowing!
  25. I think I'm in trouble, roflol. I have made friends with several sales associates in different stores and now when there's a huge sale, they call me up and ask about what I might be interested in. I had 2 call me up last week about sale items and they held things in the back room for me till I could get there to try them on . I think it's so sweet of them to do that but a girl can get into some serious trouble that way . I did get 3 pair of Cache jeans for 75% off which in itself is a major deal! As I stated, I think I'm in trouble but at least I'm saving money, sort of B)
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