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Found 4 results

  1. I have had Teddy for over a year now. I got him as a puppy. In the beginning, things were kind of rough and bumpy with the potty training, mainly my fault because at the time I was working a poop ton of hours and just did not have the time. A few months ago, I became a stay at home mom and thus began Mission Potty Train Teddy. Things were successful and for quite a few weeks we were accident free. He even started sleeping with my daughter in her bed. In the morning I was half expecting pee or poop somewhere but nothing. I was so proud!! The other day it was raining. He has been in the rain before, but not like this. I mean it was POURING. He refused to go out in it. I made him walk around. I was outside soaking wet for 20 minutes waiting for him to go. Nothing. I bring him in and what does he do immediately? He pees on the floor. So I scolded him and put him in the crate (which he hasn't been in in ages. He comes everywhere with me and my daughter now) When it FINALLY stopped raining, I took him out again. I was outside for a FULL HOUR walking him everywhere. He had no interest in going. As soon as I brought him in, he peed again, right by my feet while still on the leash. I took him out a few hours later and after 30 minutes of walking he finally peed and pooped and I praised him like crazy. But that was the last time he went outside. I take him out constantly. In the morning he is crying in his crate to go out. But i take him out and he does nothing. He walks, but he looks absolutely miserable. And when we stop, he's shaking. As soon as I bring him in, he pees and poops right by me while still on the leash. Today my husband witnessed it, and he is beyond mad. He knows the command "in" and knows that means go in the crate. Today when I took him off the leash after an unsuccessful potty session, he went behind his crate and peed and pooped right in front of us looking at me in the eye. I know this isn't the case but he looked SPITEFUL. He's living in the crate again, and I feel awful. My three-year-old is heartbroken and is constantly asking why Teddy can't come out and play with her. He also looks so pitiful in the crate. I never yelled at him unless I caught him peeing in the house. When we are outside, I remain calm and soothing and keep saying "go potty" which before he knew what that meant. Now he just stares at me shaking. When we were out in the rain, I never yelled. I am at wits end with him! I don't want him living in the crate! But I feel helpless about this! Any advice pleaaaase???? I meant Potty REGRESSION in the title.
  2. Hi everyone, i am new to the whole forum thing so please bare with me. I recently rescued a shih tzu puppy back in August (she is around 11 months now almost a year). she was thought to be a puppy mill rescue do to atrophied leg muscles and over all health concerns and behavior issues. She is a complete delight and is such a little love bug. The only issue i have is house breaking. she is currently on a very strict feeding schedule in order for me to time her potty times, but nonetheless she still constantly has accidents. she is crated during the day but constantly sees this as a place to go to the bathroom (it is as small as it can be but still allowing her to turn, lay, and stand). i have tried different crates, gated pens, don't go here sprays, strict schedule following but she still is having constant accidents, and i don't know what else to do. (she is pooping and peeing in the crate) i would really like to hear what some of you have done in the past with difficulties pertaining to potty training. Any advice at all is greatly appreciated !
  3. I'm curious about training a wee one. We are taking Emerson out every hour right now and he does extremely well. The only time we have an issue is when he is up to play and then he will pee every 2 min it seems. Mostly just a few drops here and there. I know he doesn't really have any control at this age but I wondered how I should handle it? I keep a towel down when I have him down to play. He uses a puppy pad (and does great) at night right now and then we are taking him out every hour from 6 am to 11pm. Any info would be very much appreciated!!!!!!
  4. mistydawn_67

    HELP! :)

    Hello everyone! I recently (July 13) got a 1 year old neutered male Shih Tzu due a family needing to rehome for health reasons. They said he was potty trained etc... Well...he is not. He will go outside when I take him, but never asks to go out to potty. I am not at home during the day to take him at regular intervals. So.... I think I should crate train..however we are gone from home for up to 9 hours a day at this time. There is not anyone who can take him out after say an hour of training etc...(we both work in another town) What is a good reccomended schedule to start crate training him? I can't take him to work. I don't want to have him crated at night because I am thinking he needs the time with us to bond and learn we are going to be his new family. At the end of August, it will be much better..I will only be gone all day on Tuesday and Thursday, but home in the afternoon Monday, Wed, Friday. I am feeling overwhelmed!! I am giving him treats when he poops or pees outside for me, I don't scold very hard for going indoors...should I be?? So much to learn with him!
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