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Found 8 results

  1. I have an 11 week old shih Tzu, he's been with me for 2 1/2 weeks now. He is doing great with most training but he is not into the leash. He usually just bites it and tries to play tug of war with me. I want him to be good for walks, right now it's more me walking and carrying him around. Any suggestions on breaking Dexter in on leash walking?
  2. Hi All, I've read somewhere that Shih Tzus are a very common breed that indulge in Coprophagia.I have 2 shih tzus , both males, just over 1 years old and I've had problems with my two on and off since they were pups. Has anyone else had this problem with your tzus, and if so, what methods have you tried and have any successfully worked? Thanks in advanced. Amy
  3. Ugh.... We spend 20 min a time outside in the grass. Nothing. Come inside - and he pees! Every time today. What gives?
  4. Hi there, So, when we used to go to Puppy Training, we'd learn something new each week (for 6 weeks). One of the activities we learnt was "off". You hover the treat in front of the puppy at mouth level. The puppy would then start to take the treat, i.e. try to take it from you, and then you would say "off" to the puppy. After practise the puppy would release and not take the treat from your fingers, i.e. you'd still have it in your fingers intact. Then you'd praise the puppy and say "good boy" and then it was his cue to take and eat the treat. We can do this hands down, treat after treat. Riley is brilliant at this. Apparently this is then meant to progress so that if Riley has something in his mouth that he's not meant to, you say "off" and he'll release what he's got in his mouth (knowing he'll be rewarded for doing this). In the real world: this DOES NOT WORK with Riley. Help, what can we do?!? Any advice would be much appreciated babybluegirl 3:22pm
  5. Finally! We are developing some habits here in the land of house training! Hurray! We are definitely getting to know each other better. It's been a great week at home bonding with Lewis. He has been now regularly peeing on the pee pad, and barking at the door to go out for poo! I think that is pretty good for 11 weeks old, 1 week at home? And we go poo on the pebble path beside the house where there is less distraction than the back lawn. Also he doesn't get as wet as when the grass is dewy. And he has been sleeping through the night in his crate several nights now. Usually 9:30 - 6:00. Last night he woke me up at 3:00, took him on the pee pad, and it was a huge pee. So he'd certainly held it as long as he could! What a sweet little guy.
  6. Lewis HATES the leash! I have 3 different ones. He really hates them. I have a collar for him as well as a harness. No luck. He growls and attacks it.
  7. So Lewis has been home 3 nights now. He is 10 weeks old. He's been sleeping well in his crate, getting up twice a night to go potty outside then back to sleep happily. Today my husband's colleagues told him we should leave him to cry at night or he'll always want to get up. That doesn't sound right does it? Surely he can't be expected to hold his little bladder 9 hours already? What do you guys do?
  8. We have been on a good roll today! Almost all pees & poos outside. I have been super diligent, after every nap, every time he eats & drinks. Sometimes he plays in the grass for a few minutes first. I'm trying to instill cue words " go pee pee" and "go poo" but it is early days. BUT - big thunderstorms coming our way tonight! What do I do now? I don't want to sacrifice all our good progress!
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