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WHY the pee on things that are soft?

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I'd try going back to Housetraining 101 for an extended period of time (at least a month). I'd give her no access to soft bedding, keep her crated when she couldn't be closely watched, take her outside often, etc. Treat her exactly like a very young puppy who isn't anywhere near being reliably housebroken yet. I'd do it for at least a month, even longer if possible, to try to help her "forget" about peeing on soft fabrics and to re-establish good habits. I'd also wash or thoroughly treat everything she's urinated on with an enzyme based urine odor remover like Nature's Miracle or something similar to ensure that all odor that's tempting her to pee on fabrics is gone. Other than that, the only thing I can think of is using dog diapers.

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This is exactly what I'm dealing with as well. My beagle is potty trained and rings the bell to go potty outside but he ALWAYS pees in his beds. I have to crate him with no bedding or even soft toys or he'll pee. I can't find any real advice anywhere and it's frustrating because I feel sorry that he has to sleep in a bare crate. 

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