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I feel like a failure

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My filing system - LOL.  Chatter Tzu

I had a request to pupsit Bear again this month for 4 days.  All I remembered was that he was a skinny fluffy little guy.

So I decided to see if I could find any info I'd posted here about him here  -  and I did.

A flea problem that caused me a lot of grief last time.......Shorty had hot spots from flea bites, I had a $300 vet bill and it took 3 weeks to get Shorty's hot spots healed.  

I had to tell them "no".  I have learned my lesson with Fleas when it comes to Shorty....he is sooooo allergic.

POMDR  Bear.jpg

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Ain't it great to be able to find stuff on here! I've done the same when I can't find things but I know I posted it!! Loved seeing Bear again, he's a cutie but it's sure not worth what poor Shorty and you went through..

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Sophie's Haven

Shorty comes first........we use to deal with fleas and I always blamed it on the Border Collies as they are outside dogs and roam around.  So every year we did the flea treatment in hopes to nip it before the little guys would get them........for 2 years we fought fleas inside and out.......so frustrating....Our neighbor  had two Boxers that he kept in a over grown mess filled gated area on his yard that boarder our property........Bill happen to walk over one day to give them some attention and noticed that their bodies were covered in flea bites.......to make a long story short....we had some issues with his dogs (not the fault of the dogs) and talk to him about it and one day they were both gone......and for the last 3 years we have not had any issues with fleas........I only hope those 2 Boxers got homes were they were given proper attention.........

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missy dawn

Sometimes decisions are still hard even when we know we are doing the right thing. Don't beat yourself up, you've got to think about your baby

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