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It was Kismet

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Having computer troubles....but let's see if I can post the "happily ever after".

I went to the dentist 2 days ago and while his assistant (I've known for 30 years - went to hi school with my daughter) was prepping me for a new $1257 crown, the subject of dogs came up.  I said yes I'm still working in Boxer rescue and also Shih Tzu.  She paused and said "you are!!?"  Seems her family was raised with poodles and then having a poodle and a Maltese raised with her own kids as an adult.  The poodle passed 2 years ago and they have been considering another dog.......they have the 9 yr old Maltese.

I came home and emailed the pres of the Shih Tzu rescue and told her about this good family.

She said the timing was good as she had just taken in 9 Shih Tzu show dogs from an owner was very ill - there were 15 dogs and we took 9......but she also shared the only dog left was a 10 month female who was extremely shy.  She had reservations about adopting to someone who worked 3 days a week......even though she lived across the street from her dentist office and went home for lunch. Rescue typically want a full time Mom for a puppy....and this one more so as she was so shy.

That's where we left it.....my peeps having a telephone interview and then....apparently being invited for a personal interview.

There was a chance *I* was going to foster this baby girl in my quiet home and I have to admit I was excited about doing that.

So...after having been gone all day, checking on email to see if Panda still needed to be fostered.......I see an email from my friend "introducing me to Dolly - formerly known as Panda and the message she was settling in very well. Apparently all went well with the family/resident dog interview and they brought her home!

Can you hear me squealing all over the place?!?

Happily ever after.

Cindy Dr Nagareda Dolly.jpg

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She’s a stunning little girl, Well Done you for finding her a loving family to grow up in. Love Happy Endings

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Awesome for all involved!  :throb:




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