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Introducing a new dog into the household?


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Hi folks,

Next Friday, I am taking Marley (my 6-year old male rescue Shih-Tzu mix) for a "meet and greet" with another 6-year old male Shih Tzu who will hopefully (fingers crossed!) be joining our household. 99% of the articles I've found online have been about introducing a new puppy to the household, and I wondered if anyone here has experience introducing a new Shih  Tzu of the same age and gender to one already in the house. Any and all advice/ encouragement would be welcome!  :)



Cathy and Marley

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Usually Shih Tzu are very adaptive ...  Males do tend to 'fight' but some do not.. Sorry not much more advice..

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Hi Cathy and Marley

How wonderful that you might be welcoming another Tzu in your household!

The Shih-Tzu breed is comfortable with each other, normally it will give no problems, their famous for making instant friendships with other Shih Tzu. 

Introducing the dogs in a neutral environment is a great way to let them know each other...be sure to keep giving the resident dog Marley all the privileges he always has.

Good Luck on your meet and greet with Marley and ......? Please if you have the time keep us posted...

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Welcome Cathy and Marley, so glad you joined us and Bless you for rescuing!

I too have rescues and we got our second one this past year, about 7 months ago. Our Missy, also a rescue, had been an only dog for about 3 yrs and she’s probably about 4+, who really knows with rescues?! Anyway we got a second rescue who is probably close to her age, they think 4 or 5 yr, and another girl. We did just like Jo-Anne says, had them meet in a neutral place, unfortunately it was pouring rain, and Missy hates rain, so outside didn’t last long! But when we got in the house we told Missy to give Molly the tour and she did, she led the way through the house showing it to Molly, which worked well. It wasn’t magic and no Missy didn’t like having her territory ‘invaded’ but she tolerated Molly, who also constantly stole ‘her’ toys!  We made sure, everyone in the house was on board that Missy was top dog, that helped Molly understand her place. Not that Molly doesn’t get every bit as much, She does if not More— she’s totally daddy’s girl and he spoils her rotten. But Missy had to feel she didn’t ‘lose’ anything but gained a friend. It took a few months but you could see them gradually becoming closer and now they play constantly, sleep close to each other and are best friends and yes have worked out who’s top dog for what situation, they seem to change that role as it suits them, which is great!! :D

best of luck getting your new pup and please keep us posted how it goes! We’d love to see pics when you have time to post some! 

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missy dawn

we havent had a problem ..we had Maggie and brought Molly in a few months later.so then we introduced Minnie a dachshund,and brought in Maisey...then Missy...so then we brought in Bristolle NOel  and last but not least Dolly.they squabble sometimes,like sisters do,but they love each other dearly

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