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Little Honesty is staying with us for a week while her foster Mama goes out of town to attend a funeral.

She's been calling her "Honey" and I will too :-)

I don't know her history........she has one eye that is either damaged or never formed and the other one sees very little.  She's affectionate and quiet so far.......slept in cradle of my arm last night with Shorty on the other side.

Shorty G wants to play and I think it will happen when she gets more comfortable.  Meanwhile she is (literally) on my heels as I move around


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She is a bad influence on me......all she wants to do is sit on my lap!  So I've been making her a lap almost constantly.

I have had a dog that was blind since puppy hood with some sight (light and dark) due to juvenile cataracts.  That same dog had both her eyes removed when she was about 10, due to glaucoma.  So I have experienced the lack of confidence the dog goes through when faced with being totally (and suddenly) blind.  She is tentative and fearful.

I think she was injured in some way, her teeth on that side are missing and the "worst eye" is slightly "goopy".  I have a feeling she was injured by another animal, a person or a car when still a growing puppy.

She is quite a good watch/attack dog.......the attack comes in the form of breaking ear drums with her loud shrill bark!

She is also constantly underfoot, trying to stay as close as she can to me (or any bonded caretaker).  So I think she'd be a perfect dog for a sedentary senior or an ill child who are content to snuggle all day - but I would worry about an elderly person tripping and falling over her.

She will be going back to her foster home tomorrow night and I'll miss her warm snuggles but maybe I'll get something done!


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Honey is a beautiful little girl!  I bet you are enjoying having her visit.  I love it when my dogs sit in my lap!  :love:

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