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My latest boarder

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This is Pepper(mint).  He's staying with us for awhile until a permanent foster home opens up (I can't do long term fostering).  We're trying to keep him out of boarding.

Pepper's Mama died :-(  He lived with a Boxer, Lab and Shih Tzu.  So he walked in and made himself at home.  A lap to sit in, regular yummy food, a family bed to sleep in as well as dog beds scattered all over the house.

We had a slight issue the first couple of days - when he was on my lap and my dogs approached, he would growl.  Seems that's usually standard operating procedure when a new foster comes in.  "I found this Mama, she's nice, feeds me yummy food, gave me a bath and cleaned my infected ears, takes me for walks.....I'm moving in and taking over."  I let him know we're not having that, there's enough of me to go around and he has been fine.

He looks to me like a Schnauzer/Poodle mix??  He's 13, chubbos with chronic allergies.  He's been put on Apoquel (which I know is controversial) that keeps him itch free.  Lots of evidence of red paws, infected ears, red belly and chest.  I have taken him to the vet where he's scheduled to have a complete dental, a complete ear treatment, removal of some growths, be chipped and anything else his little majesty needs.  Not sure if he'll still be with me when those procedures are done but I've told the rescue I'll take him, pick him up and keep him overnight if needed.

He WUVS his food! He weighs 22 lbs and  would be better off taking off some of those lubs.  I'm feeding him just a little more than 11 lb Shorty G.  I know he would like to have more but he's not begging or being obnoxious between meals. 


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Awwwwws he’s adorable. Such a shame when their world is turned upside down. But how lovely for him to be spending some time with you guys. Bless 

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