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My shihtzu 16 months old getting aggressive with my other Indian pariah dog

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Dhananjay Singh

Hello everyone 

I am looking for some help guys, Below is my situation,

So I have a shih tzu, he has been very sweet with everyone, from the age he was just a puppy, I brought him in my life when he was just a puppy only two months old.

He has been very sweet friendly and happy dog, we lived in a rented house, one year passed happily and then i bought a new house and we moved in new house past two months.

I work from my home so I play with him when I can but he seemed lonely most of the times, so i decided to bring another dog in my house , So i adopted an Indian pariah puppy , which came in front of my house out of nowhere and my shihtzu (Pumba) looks excited to see him.

New puppy must have been not more than one month old and was half size of my shihtzu, Pumba barked at him I think few mins and after that they started playing, and they had been getting along very good , 40 - 45 days passed, now the other dog is double size  of my shihtzu, and they had been playing and sleeping , eating fine till two days before, now whenever my other dog try to go closer to my shihtzu , my shihtzu snaps at him,  whenever other dog tries to play with my shihtzu he growls and snap at him, my other dog which is still a 3 month puppy but double in size of my shihtzu backs off , and tries to play with my shihitzu again after some time but my shihtzu again snaps at him.


It has been 3 days with same behavior of my shihtzu, Both are eating fine, though my shihtzu is not as active as he used to be but he is eating too, most the time his tail is down, I have inspected and watched him thoroughly It does not seem that has any injury of anything,  I am just confused that what has triggered this behavior of my shihtzu, he does not snaps at me but he seems stressed as his tail is down most of the time which never used to be, he does not even wage his tail anymore at me, from last 3 days .

I could have bought another shihtzu to be with my shihtzu but I thought it would be better if i adopt a street dog, He will get a forever home  and my shihtzu would get a companion to play, But now it seems things are not working out between them and it makes me sad.


I need to know if any of you community members can help me with this situation I am in.

here is a instagram link where you can see pics of my both dogs


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It's hard to know what to advise without seeing your dogs' behavior in person. How old is your Shih Tzu? My guess--and it really is just a guess--is that the puppy may have hurt him just a bit, not enough of an injury that you're able to detect, but maybe just enough to make him a little sore or stiff and wary of the puppy. Or it could be that the growling is your Shih Tzu's way of correcting the puppy and putting him in his place, telling him to play a little less rough. That's a normal thing for an adult dog to do with a puppy. I wouldn't worry too much about their behavior since it's only been three days. Any time you bring a new animal in it can take awhile for them to adjust and everyone to settle down, and that's especially true when an active puppy is involved. I hope things have already improved.

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Dhananjay Singh

Thank You for your response, I think you might be right about getting hurt. or the other reason.

Because every time puppy tries to play with him he growls at him, I will keep monitoring and see how it goes.

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