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Visit with mom

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Briley and Piper went to visit their mom today. Their moms name is Jazz short for Jazzaray.  Jazz (their mom) is the one on the hard wood floor, the other two are Briley and Piper.  She seemed kind of different with Piper as she has not seen her in a year, but baby Briley she knew from the start.  She has been with me a little over a month. After about 30 minutes I think her instincts kicked in and she knew Piper was her baby to.  They all started playing together and had a good time. They all seemed happy to see each other and the breeder was thrilled to see Piper and said she favors her mom.  You might could tell better if Piper did not have that glare in her eyes from the camera's flash.  I have to turn the flash on because they are so dark, you would not be able to see them.  Piper was not thrilled to see her breeder though. Obviously she had forgotten her and ran away when her breeder tried to pick her up.  I went and got Piper and put her in her breeders lap.  She soon calmed down.





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So nice to be able to visit! They're all beautiful... 

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That must have been fun.....for all of you :-)

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