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Shorty G's Spa Day

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Any excuse to share pictures :-)  

Shorty went to the groomer today and she captured my heart by sending me pictures.

The other best thing about the appointment is that........right after I walked in a new client walked through the door.  Brutus was a huge Bull Mastiff.  Be still my heart I *love* those guys.  He was so sweet, such a gentle giant.  He came to get his nails dremeled - stuck out each front paw and rested his head on lea's shoulder while she ground them down. Then stood quietly while she lifted up each hind foot to do those.


Shorty spa day 3.png

Shorty spa day 2.png

Shorty spa day 1.png

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Yes....he does look good - giggle.  Usually after his grooming appointment I take him shopping in a business where he's welcome to be rolled around in a shopping cart.  Home Goods and the nursery (my favorites but I always spend too much there) Home Depot, Lowe's or the pet store.  He always gets a lot of attention and I get to tell his story and talk-up rescue and that he didn't always look so pretty.  The day we "transport failed" (worse than foster fail !) with him, he was a matted, dirty, flea and tick infested mess.  To top it off he bit or tried to, everyone who touched him.

We didn't get to go yesterday because it was a late appointment and it was his dinner time......even better than shopping.

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Shorty is quite handsome! Looking good there, cutie! 

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