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5 Yr Rescue Shih-Tzu will only do business on Walks

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Hi.  I rescued my beloved ShihTzu Gracie 4 months ago.  She is 5 years old.  I love her will all my heart, but am looking for advice.  I live up north, and winter is coming.  She's just wee thing, and am afraid she's gonna freeze this winter.  She will only go potty on walks, or on the floor in my bathroom, as a last resort.  This is not going to, in any way, change my feelings for her, or desire to keep her in my home, but was just looking for other ideas. 

Our yard is quite large, clean, same medium as all the other yards she regularly fertilizes.  I have stood with her outside, before walks, for up to 30 minutes.  Once we start walking, literally cross the street, in one of three directions, she pees on the respective lawn. She wasn't house trained before I got her, so she is always highly praised any time go goes outdoors  I have had he outside for 6 hours in the yard.  As soon a I brought her in, pee and poop in my bathroom.  I have put a couple of her poops around the yard, she doesn't care  I have numerous bushes, trees, even a fire hydrant at end of driveway, will only go on those items in someone else's yard.  I have taken her out on walking leash, she will site beside me as long as I stand there, then, if the urge hits her, once I bring her in, go on the bathroom floor.   One forum said that a dog cant hold it forever, which may be true, but she can hold it long enough to get into the house.  I play with her the yard to try and "get it moving", don't play with her, have withheld her playground equipment, briefly my attention, given her extra attention, varied the time I have taken her out, etc.  I do know she is extremely headstrong, and seemingly set in her ways, but you CAN teach an old dog new trick's!  lol  Maybe, in our case, I am the "New Dog" on our relationship

P.S.  In anticipation of the cold, and her insistence of leaving her mud monkey on the neighbours lawn(all the neighbours, not just one) I started her with a sweater, using all the tips provided on may sites.  She doesn't mind the sweater, or her coat, but will NOT use the bathroom with it on, even on someone else's lawn.  She actually, I think, pretends she's trying to lift her leg, and only gets it up about 1/2 inch, and then looks over her shoulder at me,  keeps walking.  And yes, she's a female that lifts her leg to pee

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First of all welcome! Shih Tzus are the most wonderful little dogs ever and also the most stubborn! They can be very head strong as you're finding out. Do you know anything about her past history? 

One problem may be that you're trying too many new things and she's confused? You said she wasn't house trained when you got her, so you're making progress. 

Do you have a fenced in area in your yard for her? If you do, just leave her out there a little longer. Most Tzus will need to go out within 10 to 15 mins after a meal. Try taking her out in your yard with no playing, and no walking, just down to business. Dogs are creatures of habit and getting her into a good habit is important. 

It's really cold where I live as well and boy does my crew get down to business... They don't want to be out in it for long!

There are things you can get if you think she's never going to break from going in your bathroom. There's grass looking pee rugs, potty pads, all kinds of things but decide on 1 method, and go from there. 

There's a lot of tips within the forum, you can do a search. Keep us updated! And we do love pictures!

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