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Bentley has gone to the bridge

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We said goodbye on March 8.

For as long as we've had Bentley, we had to tell the grandkids not to try and touch him. Over New Years, we stayed in a cabin on top of a mountain in Tennessee with the whole family. Bryson, the youngest at 5, decided he was going to make friends with B after all this time, and made it a point to be the one to offer him treats any time he could. Wouldn't you know it, by the end of the week, Bentley was happy to sit by Bryson and let him pet him.

After we got home, Bentley started to develop mobility issues. It wasn't making a lot of sense, it seemed like his front legs were uncoordinated and giving out while his back legs were still strong. We went through a lot of testing and attempts to treat him, but ultimately the vet said all that was left was to send him to a veterinary neurologist. We knew that there were only three answers left - it's not neurological, we can't help you and you're back to square one, it is neurological, there's nothing we can do and all that's left is to keep him comfortable for as long as he has, or it is neurological and we can try to fix it but it's going to be expensive as #$%^ and risky as #$%^. None of those answers were really answers, so we took the only reasonable path: to try to keep him comfortable for as long as he had.

He was in a wheelchair for a few weeks at the end, and when not in a wheelchair, he stayed curled up in a bed, on a blanket or in our laps. Anytime we weren't there, Harley would curl up next to him - he has always been such a wonderful boy. I was continuing to give him meds up until the last few days, but he began to turn down food and got pickier and pickier about eating. Those were some of the hardest days I've been through in a very long time. The last few days, I stopped trying to push the issue of food and meds; he was still drinking water, going outside, wagging his tail and enjoying being with us. He would wake up through the night and I had to crate him and put him at the other end of the apartment so that I could get some sleep; the last morning, I knew. I just knew. They let you know, I don't know how to explain it. If you've experienced it, you understand, if not, there is no way to put it into words.

Crap. I'm crying again.

I spent the day laying next to him, talking to him, telling him how hard I had tried but that it was okay. When Shannon got home, she realized maybe for the first time how bad off he was getting. We had The Difficult Conversation, called Devon to let him come over and spend some time with Bentley, and made a few calls. Toward the end of the night, we bundled up B and Har and drove to the 24/7 vet near home to say goodbye. I think Har understood.

I miss him so badly, I still sometimes find myself anticipating him ambling quietly into my office to bump my leg with his nose, so that I can reach down and pet him, talk to him before he quietly ambles back to wherever.





Bentley's Wheels.jpg

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I’m so very sorry 😩 


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I'm sorry, Mike. It's such a hard thing to see them decline, and then having to make that decision. It's one made of love helping them get to where they can't by themselves. 

Those paw prints run deep in our hearts for our fur babies. Sending you all hugs 

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Rip Buddy.  You had great family who did all they could for you.  Your suffering is over but your memory and the love you gave will last forever.  

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Marlene Gardner

In the arms of the angels.

He was a well loved dog and in the end that is the most important thing we can have given them.

They ARE as precious to us as our children and the grief is deep and real. You are in a place where your grief and understood - no one here would ever say "it's just a dog".

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