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Shih tzu books and training guides **A must for a new shih tzu owner!**

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Two years ago I purchased a shih tzu puppy and was really nervous because I never taken care of a dog before. I had friends who had shih tzu's and some of their distemper were not that great (barking and showing aggressive behavior to other dogs). Being a new mother, I wanted the best for my little one and decided to purchase a lot of books and I meant A LOT! I choosed all the best ones which got great reviews and read all of them. After reading and remembering almost everything, I felt like I was ready to bring home my baby pup. These books were my savior!!!!! I learned so much and the books were amazing! My shihtzu, Tobe, is the most well behaved dog ever! Never chewed on any of my funiture, never peed on the floor (crate training and housebreaking in 7 days were WONDERFUL books), and does not bark at strangers or other dogs.

Here is a picture of my little one... s131481150.jpg

I believe these books will help any new owners because it did for me. I purchased well over 6 books which I included pictures of on the bottom, totalling of over $300. The Official Book of the Shih Tzu by JoAnn White is amazing. Great pictures and information! THis book is out of stock in a lot of places and ones that are selling it for NEW is charging between $95-150!!

I am selling this exact book and the rest of my collection (over 6 more books) for $200 with FREE shipping. The reason why I need to sell these desperately is because I am trying to raise money for my little baby's leg surgery. The procedure is going to cost me over $1000 and I am basically selling whatever I can find in my house to pay for this. I just recently graduate and still trying to find a job so please help if you can. I really want to sell these for $200 but this can be negotiable. I can't offer anything else but these books because I wouldn't feel right to ask for donations. So if ANY of you new owners or owners of a shih tzu wants some great books, PLEASE email me. When you purchase these books you won't just be getting great information, but also helping out a fellow shih tzu owner and her dog. I assure you these books are in great condition.

Please contact me at mui223@yahoo.com if you are intrested. Payment will be through paypal or money order only.

Here are some of the cover pictures of the books you'll be getting:

t162185474.jpg <-- just this one alone is selling for over $100 new online since it's out of stock at a lot of places...


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