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    It’s been one whole week since I’ve been at my forever home. Lacey Lou has laid down her ground rules and put me in my place a few times. Mummy was getting a bit worried she was being too rough with me but Lacey knew what she was doing because now I respect her space and leave her alone whilst she is sleeping. Shhhhh don’t tell her , but she can be a bit grumpy at times. Esme Grace has been lovely. She likes to play with me and I like to play lots with her. I run around after her and hang off her tail. She has to run away and jump on the sofa to stop me. No wonder Lacey laid down her ground rules because I know I can’t do that with her. We have all played together, but Lacey likes to play when she wants to, and I like to play all the time. Mummy is trying to get me to sleep in my puppy pen in the day, ready for when she goes back to work. Hmmmmm I’m not so happy about that, I can tell you. I cry like a big baby when I wake up and I realise she had put me in there. But Mums getting a bit clever for me. Because she’s let me sleep in it with the door open and I don’t mind that. I think she’s playing tricks on me. Aunties, i will let you know how sleeping in the puppy pen goes! Mummy did buy me a new bed , but it’s a little bit big and I’m not sure about it, so I’ve borrowed Esmes small bed. It has pink on it and I feel all snuggly in it because it feels like someone is holding me when I’m asleep in it. Oh and I like the big washy things that mum puts the dirty clothes in and they come out all wet and smelling clean. I like to stand and watch it going round and round.
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    Bogey Girl is coming to stay for a week while her regular foster Mama takes a trip. She is 9 and said to be a very good girl. Her owner passed from brain cancer :-( Look for me in the cloud of white fur......Sophie, Shorty and Bogey are all white........................
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    Neener neener neener.....*I* got to go play while you guys went to your la-dee-dah salon place. Have to show you this picture. Lulu was our small reverse brindle Boxer girl - she was blind but didn't care. She would take on any challenge. She weighed about 35 lbs and had a "puggy face" and our big male, Mack was about 80 lbs. One day Mack told me "Mom! There's a 200 lb gorilla in the living room and no one notices!!!"
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    Good to see your trails again and hear the stories. Can't wait for Spring and the flower pictures
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    Aww glad he will be going to someone who will spoil him hopefully - how old is he?
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    Awwwww Marlene she’s beautiful. I love what you do. Enjoy having her around
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    Haha Well never mind. My two are not really lady like either ! Lol
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    No not yet, I have 10 more days. Im trying to put him in his pen and then nip upstairs for a while , to build it up gradually.
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    Hallo! Breakfast time! Empty plate! Squeaky pink piggy toy! On lap! Walk not b**h! Fun! Sniffy woods! which way? Squishy mud! Nora and Olive! Ball! Stick! Yummy burger!
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    Cato, I love your relaxified look. It makes me feel calmer just looking at your picture.
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    Hello Aunties! Mum waited til last night to tell me about our Spa Day, cos she knew I wouldn't be happy. She waited til I was all snuggly before my Brush, so It wasn’t too much of a shock. Here I am, all relaxified. Jasmine was washing my face earlier. She does a lot of that. I don’t mind a bit of face washing, but sometimes I have to tell her off, cos she does it too much. She is very very very licky. and this is another pic from last night when Mum stopped rubbing my chest. When she starts to slack I put up my paw and wave it at her. That is usually enough to get her rubbing again. Sometimes i have to wave both paws. That is when she isn’t paying proper attention. I have to keep reminding her. She pretends that her hand will wear out and drop off, but I know better. Her chest rubs are lovely. and this is me lying on my back, in bed. Tara and I sleep in the Big Bed with Mum and Dad, but a little while ago Mum bought these donut bed things. Mum likes them because we can use them as pillows, but I heard Dad say that he likes them because we take up less space and don’t push him out of bed. I think I shall stop using the donut in the winter though. It is much nicer snuggling up against Dad when it is cold. And sometimes I can wriggle right under the duvet. That is the best! Oh, and here I am after Lovely Mrs Groomer did her horrid buzzy thing all over me. I think I am more handsome with longer face fur, but Mum says I am always the most handsomest paw in the whole wide world, no matter how long my moustache and beard are.
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    Tara, your tail is gorgeous. And you're way cuter than Sinead O'Connor!
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    That is a FABULOUS pic @Marlene bless Jasmine, she was missing C & T all morning, and overjoyed to meet up with them again. Its just not the same without your pals...
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    Feels good...don'tcha think? Short and clean and no tangles for Mom to work on? You are so sweet.....will always be your Mama's baby :-)
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    Looks like you guys had a beautiful day for a walk. Lots of sunshine and grassy stuff. I think you’ve summed up what a puppy does nicely, they have to learn don’t they. Laceys good at telling Reuben off but Esme is good at playing with him. Jasmine sounds like she’s learning though. Funny how different they all are.
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    I can do it because I know what they've been through and how wonderful their life is going to be from here on in. I know the effort put into cleaning them up, vetting them, including expensive life saving procedures and thoroughly interviewing applicants who want them. We are tough on them (the applicants) - I have a feeling we require more than the usual requirement for taking in foster children. And if I kept everyone that passed through my hands - I could not do it well (nor legally). It is wonderfully rewarding when we get updates and pictures and even when we hear of them going to the Bridge and how much they were loved. It's all good :-)
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    Update on the pitiful little transport girl - from the vet's office: "I just sent you her picture.She was spayed and groomed today. She was such a matted mess! She wags her tail and is now running around after her surgery Sorry but we named her Autumn for our first dog of fall. I love the name Snickers though and will use it!!" (I wanted to name her Snickers - chocolate nougat and caramel).
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    I don’t see how you do ......so sad to leave her there.
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    Good morning. Lucy, the adorable little girl, we adopted last month. Love her to death. We were told she was pure shih tzu but my fiancé has been having her allergies flare up around her. We saw the attached picture from the rescue for her brother and he definitely doesn’t look like pure shih tzu. Any thoughts as to what they might be mixed with? Thanks! She he definitely looks more shih than him, but now we are curious what they might actually be
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    That is so funny (Jasmine)
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    Oh Lovey Sweet Baby Boy....love to see updates on "how goes life in the new life of our new baby boy Reuben Bruce". Have you gone back to work yet Julia?
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    Oh, what a great big handsome little man you are, standing up to see the washing machine and sleeping all by yourself in that pen! Very impressive! and its always good to what Lacey says. She knows all about everything, and will teach you all sorts of useful stuff, like widdling outside, and how hard to bite when you are playing. isn’t life fun?
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    Sounds like a good idea and your plan worked well.
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    Hello Aunties! Here is me in my donut bed. and washing my knickers. Cato never washes his knickers. Thats disgusting, isn’t it Aunties? Boys are disgusting. I HATE Spa Days! Mum did tell us, but that doesn’t make it any better! I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. Mum had to put my lead on first, and the drag me out! (Mum: actually Tara it was more like a gentle nudge) So Mum abandoned us, like usual. And I had to have a stinky b**h. Cato woz all goodie goodie as usual, but I wozn’t! Haha! But it woz Ok. Mum came and rescued us, and gave us burger! I like burger! Jasmine smelled of burger before we had ours, so she had burger twice! Mrs Groomer did good with my tail though, didn’t she? When Dad comes home I’m going to wag extra specially hard so he notices. But my face is a bit too buzzy short.
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    Awwwwww Tara, you had burger, that sounds so lovely. Burgers are so yummy and such a lovely treat for going to the spa. Actually your face looks really cute and your hair grows really fast.
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    Thank you Aunties! i have missed you v v v much. You are the only ones who really appreciate me. Apart from Mum and Dad, of course!
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    Haha, yes. Except that now, on Spa Days, I have to take her for a walk to try and wear her out - so that when T&C come home exhausted after their b**h and clip, Jasmine is equally exhausted. otherwise she just bounces all over them.
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    Cato my darling , you look so gorgeous, always have done and always will do. And now you can rest up and enjoy your time until your next spa.
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    Haha you certainly get away with one less for spa day. Jasmine is sooooo lucky
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    I like your "style" Tara.....no fuss no nonsense no long ears and beard to drag through your dish. I'm always arguing with Shorty's groomers to cut his head and face shorter. They always tell me "his head will look too small". Hey! Whose dog is it anyway!?! I like your pixie :-)
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    Theres my sweet Cato.....Dont you look handsome
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    Thats too cute! Sweet Pie
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    Mum: we took the whole Pack; Dad, myself, Cato, Tara and Jasmine, off to Costa Coffee yesterday after work. It is approx a 1/4 mile walk each way, with an outside seating area. That is about as far as I like walking Cato on tarmac, but they all had a lovely park scamper before breakfast, with Dad, so no one was missing out on sniffs or off lead racing today. No pics, sorry. Juggling excited Jasmine doesn’t leave much time for cameras. Lol Only one table free, and we had to herd 3 curious pups past a table of children to get to our seats. By the time we had settled, our Pack had grown to 7 by the addition of 2 children aged 2 and 7 who chose to sit on the ground with the dogs. Great kids. V gentle. Very sweet. Lots of face licking though. Thankfully their parents have a Patterdale Terrier and consider face licking a necessary feature of doggy interaction. And treat giving (our treats, with our permission). And at one point we had a 4 table conversation, pup photo comparison and we are, apparently, the target of mass jealousy that our dogs all use a cat flap. Haha! Jasmine sat in the water bowl. Twice. She didn’t notice each time. Dad did when it soaked his shoe. Cato wanted to take the 2 year old home with us. Tara decided that sitting under Dad’s chair was a good idea - until the treats came out. Jasmine loves everybody. The 7 year old wants 20 pugs and ‘teddy bear dogs’. But she would settle for Cato, Tara and Jasmine. Dad stayed v v v quiet and hoped no one would notice him. And the girl with the 16 week old Staffy pup doesn’t believe she will ever be able to take him out for a coffee, because she can’t believe he will ever behave as well as our troops did. Oh the irony. And I didn’t get to read any of my book!
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    Hi Aunties! Walk. Run. Chase! dry grassy stuff Dad and Tara. Mum behind! Run run run! Woods and sniffs and paths! Can bounce on Tara! She gets cross and then plays. Fun! Bounce on Cato! Mum gets cross. 'Get off Cato's back!!! Bad Jasmine!' :( Boring Cato! Bounce on Tara again! Sniffy dogs. Growl. Only wanted to sniff bottom! Crotchety spoilsport! Me. Scamper. Dad! TREATS! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! Thirsty!
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    Aw, look at that precious baby! I wish a wonderful life for her future!
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    You have so many exciting adventures. I love that you all go Costa coffee together. Shame about jo pictures, but I completely understand what it’s like with an excited puppy ... i wish I could walk all mine in harmony too, but I somehow think that will never happen to me! Lol
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    Bless her little heart! Hope you get an update that she settled a little.
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    That looks like so much fun
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    Aww she’s cute
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    That looks like a great place for walkies!
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    Yeah, she’s dirty but I already see the cuteness in her! Happy she’s got a family that wants her! I know you’ll enjoy your time with her.
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    He must use magic! I can't even imagine doing that! Wow!
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    Cato: Hello Tzu Crew! it is cooler now. I like it. I can spend all evening on Mum’s lap now. Much better! Although sometimes Jasmine still runs over us. If Mum sees her coming, she puts her hand up, and then Jasmine goes charging off in another direction. But if she runs over me her feet are very hard! She likes to run out into the hall, spin around, run back in, jump over the toys, jump onto the footstool, jump onto the sofa, jump on me and Mum, leap off onto the floor, run out into the hall, spin around... If she sees Tara on the way, she will wrestle with her too. And sometimes Tara chases her. It is very tiring to watch! Mum says she will stop Jasmine from stomping on my back, so I don’t worry all that much.
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    Oh Cato, we know you need your rest but as for the computer thingy or phone thingy...you're not trying hard enough! You gotta claw at or jump on her lap and then whimper till she realizes you mean buziness and won't give up! As for the pooping on the floor...it was wet out there! Wet rain is like acid and we'll melt! Oh and the light and booms? Hope it cools off soon! Mom & Dad has had all the fans and air machines on all the time for us. We don't like being out in the hot either! Love, Tzu Crew
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    That's why she lucked out, didn't make it to "show quality" and gets to have much more fun as "pet quality". Who wants to put up with all those rules and limitations show dogs have to live while they're competing? Much more fun to have a tomboy haircut, romp in the mud, climb walls and benches and play "beat 'em up" with her new sister.
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    That's where Tara gets her looks and tenacity!
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    Anything "tummy time" will do.hahahaha He is utterly delicious
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    Your too cute!!!! Thats the way every time my groomer does it too Relax...it will grow back in no time at all
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