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    Guests please note

    Hi Cackle! It has been way too long, I too think of you quite often. As a matter of fact I was just talking to Dean about you last week I'm sorry about both your hubby and surgery. Congratulations on the grandkids. Hoping your son and daughters are doing well. You still have your account here. If you don't know your login info message me and we'll get it sorted. Please don't stay away so long again. Hugs
  4. Guest

    Guests please note

    HI all, I hope some of you remember me from long ago. i just popped by to say hi. After Mitsi and Molly, I never obtained another dog. so much has happened since I was last here. my hubby has passed, I have two little grandsons and also had major heart surgery. Scary stuff that. Anyway all is good and I hope the same is with you. Hi to Sunlite, I often think of you. Be good, happy and healthy. ~@Cackle@~
  5. Hi Scout, some of us are still here, lol. Yes it's an old topic but the information is still relevant. While they're small, a small size will work but as they grow you might not have a lot of room for them to be comfortable. Welcome to the board. šŸ˜Š
  6. Hi, Iā€™m getting my puppy first weekend in April. I want to make this crate apartment. My puppy is a Scottie so puppy apartment recommended med crate. I have a small one with 2 door openings so I think I will get another one but medium. What are your thoughts. Thanks! Just realized super old post. If anyone is still out there let me know šŸ˜Ž
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