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Is on NILIF. He has been on for no more than 3 weeks. I still go back to the link to refresh my memory. I was slacking on ignoring him.  He brings his toys to me, stares, barks and talks to get attention.  I have ignored it  as much as my heart will allow.  I had my husband go over the rules again also.  I have decided to ignore him more than I have been.  Jasper comes over to me and does all his little tricks and still jumps up on the couch still sometimes. I am ignoring his behavior and trying not to make eye contact as much as possible.  

I am noticing more and more that, the more I don’t pay any attention to Jasper, he’s going over to my husband and getting his needs met with him. I have explained to my husband what stage we are in, with NILIF. He says ok . Then does everything the opposite. This has made me very upset.  Now, when I don’t pay attention to jasper , he runs to my husband. He takes him toys to play. My husband doesn’t play ball. Although , he does give him the pets and rubs he like. And he talks to him all the time. He also lets Jasper lay with him when He forces his bossy littles self on to my husband lap.
How can I make ignoring work for me if my husband is not paying attention to the rules?

My husband, works from home so he’s always home except, when he goes out of town. When Jasper doesn’t get on the couch or on his little bed I made him , he goes to my husband to get talked to and petted.

This seems like it’s not looking good for me. I have never been able to count on my husband. He says he’s on board then the next day he has forgotten or mayb he sees it as too much trouble. No sure. 
What can I do if my husband won’t follow the rules? He know how important this is to me. Jasper treats my husband better. He has bitten him, not like he does me. Is NILIF going to fail.

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In an ideal world your husband would participate fully in NILIF. But in the real world . . . the core of what you're working on is Jasper's relationship with YOU. Dogs are very relational. Yogi acts differently for me than he does with my husband. He acts differently with each of our sons. That's normal. Keep working on his relationship with you.

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