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Our holiday den




Hello Aunties.  Sorry I haven't been blogging much.  :(  It is cos of my tail. :(  It isn't right.  :(  It is like a puppy tail.  And I am not a puppy, am I?  I am an Important Person in the Pack.  A Scout and a Hunter, and I shouldn't have a puppy tail.  :( I am second in charge after Mum, and above Tara. :) But I have a silly little puppy tail at the moment.  It is very sad and it gets me down a bit.  :( 

That and the horrible harness.

So Mum and Dad decided to take me on holiday to see if they could cheer me up.  Tara came too.  Only she NEVER needs cheering up.

It was a longlonglong way in the car.  And it was hothothot.  But when we got there, it was all nice and lovely and sniffy, with a big garden and everything.  Mum took some pictures so we could show you.  But you need to look at this link thing first, cos that shows you stuff like Tara's spiral staircase.  I didn't like it.  Mum carried me up and down, which was good.  But Tara just liked gallumphing up and down it all the time.


Mum says you have to see the posh taps in the bathroom too


and this is the rest of the bathroom.  Mum likes bathrooms a lot.  She spends ages in there having b***s and getting wet.  



and the weird tree trunk growing in the bedrooms


and this was the Big Bed that wasn't big enough, cos it wasn't for a king.  Or something.


This is the view I got when I was sitting on the bed in the mornings.  It looks lovely and sniffy, doesn't it?  See the big yellow field at the back?  That is where Mr Hare lives.  He dances around in it every morning.  Mum says she hasn't evereverever seen a hare before.  But we saw a hare every morning, when we were sitting on that bed.



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What a lovely spot to holiday at! I bet you enjoyed that view, and better yet running out there!

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I'm like your Mum - I love pretty bathrooms.  I've never had a fancy one and even when remodeling, I pick practical things.  But would truly love to have an elegant one......with a tub carved to fit just me - like Oprah has 

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Wello Cato, wits wittle pup Esme here. I’m sure wore tails is wuvvery 

Wuv Esme ? 

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Hallo Esme!  I am sorry I didn't write back to you before, but you all went away and the computer thing wasn't working properly so we couldn't blog.

I am sure that your tail is a lovely puppy tail, all soft and fluffy.  But when you get as big and um... manly as me and Tara you will unnerstand wot it is like to have a big Grown Up tail.  And you will love it!  Just hope that nobody never  massykers your tail like Mum has massykered my tail!  When we went to see MrsGroomer last week she got big round eyes and put her paws over her mouth and was sad for my tail.  Mum was all embarrassd and stuff.  You will see why in the holiday pics wot we are going to blog.



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