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Train back from Chester




Hello Aunties.

Mum says I have to finish our holiday bloggings so that I can tell you the exciting new stuff.  Like the bird feeder and my new bone.

So here is more stuff about hot stinky Chester.

Mum and Dad did all the boring Cathedral stuff, and then wanted to go off walking round the town.  :(  But it was too hot and tiring for me.  And we had already walked for AGES.  So I sat down.  And Dad said he would carry me.  And Mum said NO.  And I stayed sitting.  And in the end Dad picked me up when Mum wasn't looking, and anyway they had to carry me down the steps, didn't they?


This is Chester town.  It is weird.  Even Mum and Dad agree with me that it is weird.  All the shops are two tall.  There are proper shops on the ground.  And then more shops on top of them, with weird old walkways and steps and Mum says that means Double the Shops.  And Dad says that means Double the Cost.  And I say that means Double the walking when my back hurts!  So I got carried.

Dad needed a snack to give him the strength to carry me, he said.  So we stopped here


and we all had some buckwheat crepes wot are really thin pancakes.  I just had the filling.  Mum had egg and smoked salmon, and Dad had toffee and custard and banana.  Tara wanted it all.

See the shops on top of shops?  Mum wants to come back and explore PROPERLY another time.

Then Mum carried me for a bit, including through a shopping centre that American Aunties call a mall (Mum says), and I was really tired, and Mum decided that I needed to go on a diet cos I am a huge heavy heffalump and we need to get me a carry sling.  I don't know about that.  I like being carried.

It was a very long way back to the train, and then it was a long sleepy train journey.  I fell asleep cos Mum would wake me up when we got there.

This is an old bit of an old station.  


Tara got all silly when Dad went off to lift his leg, and made a fuss when he got back


and we went in lots of lifts (elevators, says Mum), up and down and up and down, cos of all the steps.  I prefer to be carried up and down stairs than have to walk into lifts with lots of people and luggage, but Mum and Dad were being funny about carrying me, so lifts it was. 



Don't look at my tail.


When we got home to our holiday den, me and Tara had a good sleep, but Mum did her computer stuff and ordered me a Sling.  I don't know how I feel about being in a Sling.  I think I prefer being in Mum's arms.  Or Dad's.  Slings don't sound very nice, do they?

Mum says she will post a pic so you can see.




Goodness, it was a hard decision!

We couldn't go for a stroller, because we do a lot of off road walking

And it needed to be something that left both hands free, and fitted either Dad or myself.

I ended up buying two, on Amazon Prime, and asking to have them delivered to the holiday cottage, so that we could try them out during the holiday.

This was the first one.


And the second.


When they arrived, we discovered that the first one was HOPELESS. Cato either had to sit facing backwards, or I had to cut a new hole for his head at the other side!

But the second one is just about perfect.  Tucked right up and comfy at the waist.  And while I don't think he LIKES it, it is much better than having to WALK.  Haha.

I did get concerned about overheating, especially up against us big humans, but the top is made from mesh, so there is as much ventilation as possible, and we don't carry him in it for long at a time.  There is also storage for keys, a poo bag and a bottle of water.  Oh and treats.  Mustn't forget the treats!




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Wow Thanks for the great post Cato, love all the pics and agree with mom she needs to check out those double stores, that looks pretty cool! ? love your train stations and how you’re welcome everywhere,  can’t take pups hardly anywhere here... No fun! ?

i really really like your new sling, maybe mom could post the link for the second one? Am hoping it carry’s a heavier load as I Really need one for Missy.. she won’t hardly go on walks anymore and i’m getting waaay too much exercise carrying her! ?

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No worries! ?

it was this one


if you want one, then be careful with the sizing.  We got the large, which is big enough for Tara who is around 13pounds.  Cato is only about 9 pounds, but we put a folded towel inside for him to lie on.

i can just see a day when it will be needed for Tara on a vet trip, so the bigger capacity will come in useful.

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Thanks so much Jo! Sounds like it would fit Molly who’s 13 lbs but ummm Missy’s another story... 18lbs...?

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I really like that sling! It looks very snazzy but comfy and secure, too. Although the dog in it looks very, very photoshopped. LOL.

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Posted (edited)

Yes, although I must admit that Cato’s head looks a bit photoshopped in real life when he has been zipped in!

Sorry @Missysmom i don’t think she would fit! :(

i knew we had to sort something out for him, but I also knew that i would be curling up and dying if anyone assumed I was some overweight, middle-aged Paris Hilton wanna-bee with a handbag dog... shudder... so I have been v interested to observe my reactions when actually slinging him around.  ?

Turns out, I am totally cool with it, so long as Tara is scampering around with us, being a real dog.  Haha!

But as soon as Dad and she go off on one of their Forced Marches, leaving Cato and me to saunter around until we meet up... well gosh... i get really self conscious.  People DO notice and they DO stop and chat, and they are always really nice, but I just can’t wait to tell them about his bad back!  I didn’t know I was this insecure!  ?

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