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Jasmine's baby picture album




This is her den in the corner of the front room.  We feed her in it.  The orange cushion is Cato's current humpy cushion.  It has 5 corners!  He likes the corners very much.  And orange has always been his favourite colour in toys.  So presumably that goes for sex toys too.  ;)


This was at her littlest.


This is what Tara thought of the whole Puppy Nightmare




And this is what Cato thought about it:



But eventually things improved.  Cato was much more willing to be welcoming, and eventually Tara's resistance wore down, although she still has an excellent curled lip expression when things get too boisterous and she is trying to sleep.












She started off at 1.6kg (that is around 3 pounds) and is now 5.1kg (that is around 9 pounds and is heavier than Cato).  The growth predictor websites expect her to top out eventually at around 6.6kg, which will be about a pound heavier than Tara.  And she can now walk over Cato, because her stilt like legs are as long as the top of his shoulders.  hahaha!




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:) when someone says 3/4 pug, you kind of expect mainly pug, don't you?

But she is turning out much more chinese crested.  Which is a good thing, because pugs are prone to a lot of problems, but it does make her more a lot more agile, faster, and much more scampery than we expected.  The only thing that limits her activities is the length of her nose.  Her breathing gets a bit labored after running about at puppy play class for too long.

All three of them have been doing refreshers in SIT, STAY and WAIT on a daily basis - much to Cato's shock, and Tara's puzzlement.  And Jasmine already has a good recall - so long as she isn't so distracted that she doesn't notice she is being called.  She isn't nearly as clingy as Tara.  And she is utterly fearless.  Big dogs = Big Fun and she wants to meet them all.

Very interesting to compare her with the other two for their puppyish traits.  Cato was just as distractable, but his preoccupations have always been sniff related.  Tara was as high energy, but Tara just wanted to beat everyone up, whereas Jasmine wants to play and be played with, chase and be chased.

The first time she and Tara actually played together properly, Tara was incredibly gentle with her.  More gentle than she has ever been with Cato, Dad or I.  And the gentleness has carried over.  Tara is now much gentler playing with everyone.  5 years old, and she has finally learned bite inhibition!!! hilarious!

There was one magic moment when Tara was lying on her back with Jasmine (less than half her size) dancing around on Tara's tummy, pretending to rip her throat out.  No camera to hand!  Nowadays, they are much more evenly matched, although Jasmine does a good Wall of Death move around the living room furniture.  And will play fetch!  which was really unexpected.

Oh, and she is a ripper/plucker.  Any paper she can find gets ripped up.  Or widdles on it. 

All C& T want to do with it, is play Shakey Shake and then get bored.

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