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Hello Aunties!

It is veryveryvery hot.  Dad has been taking us to the park very early for Tara and Jasmine to beat each other up, and for me to get my sniffs.  But it is so hot that I don’t want to get back in the car, after.  And then I have to snooze all day to rest.  Tara sleeps too.  Mum’s lap is hot too.

Jasmine doesn’t sleep.  Well, she dozes for a bit.  But not properly.  Today she kept waking up, and she does stuff.  Restless stuff.   Today she ate a lavender bush to pieces, and pooed on the kitchen floor.  And she brought the monkey toy into Mum’s office and tried to beat me up with it.  I ignored her, cos I know better.  You only start playing with Jasmine if you want to play all day, and I need my snooze time!

Then she beat Tara up with the monkey toy, til Tara made a snarl and snapped at her.

Then she put the monkey on Mum’s foot.  But that never works.  Mum never plays with us when she is staring at the computer thing.  That’s why I sleep during computer time, so Mum and me can love each other more during not-computer time. :)

I think Jasmine pooed on the kitchen floor cos of the rain.  Or the thunder.  It was very LOUD.  The rain hit very hard, and the thunder scared me and Tara.  Jasmine wasn’t scared.  Cos she is a puppy and she doesn’t understand.  But she didn’t want to go outside and poo in the flash bangs.

Mum wasn’t scared.  But that is cos Mum is big and brave.



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Oh Cato, we know you need your rest but as for the computer thingy or phone thingy...you're not trying hard enough! You gotta claw at or jump on her lap and then whimper till she realizes you mean buziness and won't give up!

As for the pooping on the floor...it was wet out there! Wet rain is like acid and we'll melt! Oh and the light and booms? :scared07:

Hope it cools off soon! Mom & Dad has had all the fans and air machines on all the time for us. We don't like being out in the hot either!


Tzu Crew


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Hello Tzu Crew! :salute:

it is cooler now.  I like it.  I can spend all evening on Mum’s lap now.  Much better!

Although sometimes Jasmine still runs over us.  If Mum sees her coming, she puts her hand up, and then Jasmine goes charging off in another direction.  But if she runs over me her feet are very hard!

She likes to run out into the hall, spin around, run back in, jump over the toys, jump onto the footstool, jump onto the sofa, jump on me and Mum, leap off onto the floor, run out into the hall, spin around...

If she sees Tara on the way, she will wrestle with her too.  And sometimes Tara chases her.

It is very tiring to watch!

Mum says she will stop Jasmine from stomping on my back, so I don’t worry all that much.


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