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Puppy chaos




we took the whole Pack; Dad, myself, Cato, Tara and Jasmine, off to Costa Coffee yesterday after work.

It is approx a 1/4 mile walk each way, with an outside seating area.  That is about as far as I like walking Cato on tarmac, but they all had a lovely park scamper before breakfast, with Dad, so no one was missing out on sniffs or off lead racing today.

No pics, sorry.  Juggling excited Jasmine doesn’t leave much time for cameras.  Lol

Only one table free, and we had to herd 3 curious pups past a table of children to get to our seats.  By the time we had settled, our Pack had grown to 7 by the addition of 2 children aged 2 and 7 who chose to sit on the ground with the dogs.

Great kids.  V gentle.  Very sweet.  Lots of face licking though.  Thankfully their parents have a Patterdale Terrier and consider face licking a necessary feature of doggy interaction.  And treat giving (our treats, with our permission).

And at one point we had a 4 table conversation, pup photo comparison and we are, apparently, the target of mass jealousy that our dogs all use a cat flap.  Haha!

Jasmine sat in the water bowl.  Twice.  She didn’t notice each time.  Dad did when it soaked his shoe.

Cato wanted to take the 2 year old home with us.  Tara decided that sitting under Dad’s chair was a good idea - until the treats came out.

Jasmine loves everybody.

The 7 year old wants 20 pugs and ‘teddy bear dogs’.  But she would settle for Cato, Tara and Jasmine.

Dad stayed v v v quiet and hoped no one would notice him.

And the girl with the 16 week old Staffy pup doesn’t believe she will ever be able to take him out for a coffee, because she can’t believe he will ever behave as well as our troops did.  Oh the irony.

And I didn’t get to read any of my book! ;)


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What a fun adventure! Juggling 3 is a feat for sure but it sounds like they were all well behaved. 

I wish I could take the 5 out but we always have to choose. I tried once and boy it was a fail! Lol!

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Haha! Yes.  Cato and Tara are quite civilised.  Jasmine is still all over the place.  It will come with time.  We are halfway there though.

There is a retired man who walks down our street twice a day with 1 Lab, 1 Jack Russell, 2 Poodles and a Westie.  They all trot along in perfect harmony.  I am in awe of him and the dogs, but it is certainly something to aim for!

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You have so many exciting adventures. I love that you all go Costa coffee together. 

Shame about jo pictures, but I completely understand what it’s like with an excited puppy ... 

i wish I could walk all mine in harmony too, but I somehow think that will never happen to me! Lol 


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