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Mum had a car crash!




Mum and Jasmine had a car crash!  It woz all Jasmine's fault!



Now Tara, you know that isn't true.  You can't blame Jasmine for what happened when she was a passenger sitting peacefully in her crate in the car, can you?



Yes I can!  You woz only in the car cos you were picking Jasmine up from her sleepover.  If you had been safe at home with me and Cato then your car wouldn't have been crunchified.  And we could be going on nice trips to interesting walks.



Hmmm.  Well I kind of see a bit of twisted logic there.  But it really wasn't Jasmine's fault.  She was asleep in the back, so she doesn't deserve any blame at all.  We are both fine.  And the man who drove into the back of us was very nice and polite, and accepted that it was all his fault.   It was just an unfortunate little accident, and now the car has been sent to be mended and we have a different car for a bit, but dogs are not allowed inside it.  So no car trips to the park, or the beach, or the woods.  Which is a pity.  We are stuck with daily treks round the streets and to the cemetery.  Maybe the beach on the weekends.  Sorry chaps.  Shall we show them the pics, so they can see what happened?


Cato, Tara and Jasmine:







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Oh dear!  Jasmine - do you have a whiplash?  "Everyone" gets whiplash after being rear-ended and then they sue for medical (vet) costs, pain and suffering, lack of appetite, increased appetite and loss of libido, an inability to concentrate and many, many other dreadful injuries.

Oh wait!  How about Mum.......she might have whip-larue-lash too and you can add "loss of Mama snggles" to your complaint.

But of course, lack of transport to daily mental health exercises is the BIG one!

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Posted (edited)


Loss of appetite?  Don’t fink so!  That would be AWFUL!!!  Mum had stiff neck stuff but that meant more snuggles and stuff, but the appetite thingy sounds like I could die! I think I need more treats!  And a second dinner.  Just to be sure.  Appetite stuff could be sneaky, couldn’t it? Need sausages to see.

Can we claim for weather?  It has been raining for AGES!


Its OK Aunties.  Mum did have a stiff neck,  but she could still do important stuff like bending up and down with our food bowls, and carrying me up and down stairs.  And lap snuggles.  So she is fine.  Mrs Insewrance phone lady asked her lots of questions, but unless her head falls off in a few days, she is fine.  I would know if Mum was poorly.


Oh no!  Jasmine, you made Mum’s head fall off!!!


Calm down everyone!  No heads falling off, now or in the future!  Toys, snuggles and dinner will all be there as needed.  I did have a tiny neck twinge, but it is All Better now, and I will go and see Mr Chiropractor, and get him to check me over, next week.  Not that Mrs Insurance needs to know that.  I go to the chiropractor regularly.  No point in supporting Insurance profit margins and retirement plans , is there? ;)

Now, who wants a brush?

Cato, Tara, Jasmine:


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Posted (edited)

Silly dogs!  You are passing up a fortune in insurance compensation.  You must delete your above post if I'm going to help you win this medical law suit (the kind with the most $$$).

Trust me on this.........I have inside info.  The Big Guy, after he retired from law enforcement (34 yrs) went to work for the District Attorney's office......and what did he investigate?!?  Workmen's compensation insurance fraud!  (OK - so you're not exactly workpersons but we'll work with it). He will tell us if there is an investigator spying on you looking for fake injuries......limp ALL the time!  ALSO  - daughter #2 worked in the office of a chiropractor  for 15 yrs!  I'm sure she can coach us in the right terminology to use.....or not to use

For now.....don't give any more statements or post anything else on the internet.  We will at least get you a new Lexus SUV out of this.

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2 minutes ago, Crinkly said:




With snacks?  In the Lexus?  Treats and sausages and pigs ears?

Of course!  Snacks on the way to the beach, creeks, woods, restaurants and play dates.

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