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Shorty recommends- or - "Where's Shorty?!?"

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Marlene Gardner

Shorty has a favorite place to lay in the living room - under a low console table that has a ratty faux fur rug under it.  I've been looking for a prettier rug for awhile and ordered this one last night.  It was here in less than 24 hours. Nearly instant gratification.  

I popped it in the dryer for about 3 minutes where it bloomed into a rug made of gold and white Shh Tzu fur 🙂 I put it under the table where it was immediately laid upon and there he sleeps.  Like a movie star on a custom made bed 🙂

If you're looking for a pretty pad to use on the floor, crate, furniture, bed - yours or theirs, I highly recommend it.  It comes in 2 sizes and other colors.

I have a feeling I'm going to be losing him under there very often...........Shih Tzu Camo.






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That's a really nice throw rug with a great price point too! I'd love to but some of my crew would just mark it to make it their's...followed by a pissing match....

I always tell them this is why we can't have nice tbings! 😅

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