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** SWAP MEET ** thread!


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I mentioned how cool I thought a virtual swap meet would be in another thread and since I have today off I took the time to photograph and catalog the stuff WE would be willing to part with!

I'm hoping folks will use this forum to post stuff they not longer like/want/use and perhaps find someone to trade it with so we can keep all this great stuff in the community and in the hands of people who are using/loving them! Now that we live in the "flate rate shipping" age, it should be no big deal to get things to each other, or you know, if anyone has any better ideas feel free to add them. I've never seen a virtual swap meet before, so I'm not sure how it will end up working, but I thought it was worth a shot!

Here's our stuff . . .

Girl clothing:


DOGO brand track suit top - fit's dogs 9- 15lbs and is about 12 inches from neck to hem.


Dog New York jacket - fit's dogs 8 - 11lbs pocket really works


easter dress Petco - size M


Dog Wrappers tee - fit's 7- 10lbs


I'Can brand (did they ever take off??) spring dress -- has real tie straps and snaps, tulle lining - fits dogs at least 9" long from should to tail base and 7 -10lbs


size M winter coat from Walmart


Puppia Brand 70% wool coat with snap front - fits dogs at least 10" long and 8 - 12lbs

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part II:


tennis polo dress - size M fits dogs 8 -10lbs


matching boy polo - size S fits 6 -9 lbs


puppia water resistant fleece lines jacket - fits dogs at least 10" long and 8 - 11lbs


XXS tee - Fits dogs at least 5" long and 2 - 4lbs


Pats Jersey (official) size L fit's dogs at least 12" long and 9 - 13lbs


Ruff Luv Brooklyn sweatshirt - fits 7- 10 lbs


Old Navy sherpa jacket w/ real pockets - size S - fits dogs 7- 9lbs and at least 9" long


DOGO puffer coat w/ zip off hood - size XS fits dogs 3- 6lbs and at least 7" long


XXS Petco Easter shirt - fits dogs size 2-4lbs

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Part III:


I'Can/ PAZO brand faux Burberry trench w/ real brass buttons water resistant -- Size S horse blanket style closures fit's dogs 10+ inches long


Copy of a Ruff Luv jacket -- Walmart size S


Anima brand dog carrier w/ collar clip and snap top closure -- NOT AIRLINE APPROVED fit's dogs up to 12lbs


Original Sherpa brand tote carrier mesh top/sides w/ 1 inside and 1 outside zip pockets plus 3 outside open pockets -- AIRLINE APPROVED for dogs up to 14lbs

What we're looking for:

Show Bows

every day bows


step-in harness/leash combos (size S, M, L. . . can't use an XS or XXS)

leather collars (size 12" through 16")

St. Frances charms

other cool collar charms

crystal letters for slide collars

deer antlers

Bully sticks

fun Flexi leashes (bedazzled, printed/ patterned)

Choke chains/ show chain (size 12" through 16")

Show leads - preferably martingale style

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