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Fingers crossed for you.  And Bernie.

fab name, and fab personality shining through that photo!  What do Sophie, Shorty and Mr M think?

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Well.....he didn't come to me.

Here's why:

I was the first to respond to the need (and everyone agrees my home would have been best) but I had to be honest and tell them we are leaving for Oregon in about a month so told them if he wasn't snapped up immediately, let me know and I would come and get him.

Here's why he needed a foster home ASAP:

He ended up in a shelter over a year ago.  After the mandatory time he was put on the euthanasia list.  On the last day, a kind woman pulled him but was not able to foster him full time.  She took him to her vet......and there he stayed for a YEAR!

Somehow my Shih Tzu rescue pulled him and brought him to their office.  Their most urgent plea was that he not go into boarding while waiting for a foster home.

Why would my home have been best?  He was 8, nearly blind, skin and ear allergies and not housebroken.  I'm a Shih Tzu Mom, have belonged to a blind Boxer for 11 years and fostered 3 blind or nearly blind small dogs (2 Tzus).

But all is well - another foster Mama answered the need and went to pick him up immediately.......and he might even have a ready adopter :clap:

I would have loved to see what I could do though........

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While I'm disappointed he didn't come to you, I'm very happy to hear that he does have a place and possible furever home. Sounds as if this little one has been through so much already...


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Ahh I too am glad he has a home but too wish he'd come to you. Hope you find your forever home soon Bernie!

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